Best Family Houses to Buy In Kenya

Best Family Houses to Buy In Kenya

Best Family Houses to Buy In Kenya

What's your idea of a dream home? The space counts, a concept that the house you invest in addresses. You need enough room for your growing family, capable of adapting to the changes over the years. Your family house is where all those precious memories will be rooted. From your child taking the first step, graduation party, birthdays, lazy weekend, family dinners, your home is a castle of unforgettable memories. As you consider the best family house to buy, you should consider factors including:


Financing the house acquisition is a necessary consideration, especially as you don't want to be financially strained as you work to start a family. With a budget in mind, you'll know the price ranges to consider as you hit the market.


Real estate is a lot about location. Proximity to amenities, including transport, medical facilities, schools, financial institutions, place of work, security, to mention a few, should be on your checklist.


How many people do you picture being a part of your family? As you consider the space, remember to leave enough room to grow. More significant is usually the go-to, but not always better. The bottom line is regarding the number of rooms you need and comfortable square footage.

Your stay

Are remodels possible? Change is inevitable, and the home you buy determines how flexible it'll be to accommodate such situations. Picture your family living there and potential changes you might need.

Now that you have an idea of what would make a great family house, check this updated list of Kenyan houses for sale. With a range of prices, sizes, designs, among other considerations, you'll quickly find a house meeting all your needs. Let's look at the typical houses you can buy for your family's needs.

Single-family home

Single-family homes are detached units. The units aren't attached wall-to-wall with the neighboring houses. The standalone homes typically feature a back and front yard and a garage. As the name suggests, the houses are great for a single family but also ideal for a group of people who fancy living together. Better privacy and remodel flexibility are among the top highlights of single-family houses. Apart from the yards, the house also tends to be bigger, offering enough space for your family. The top challenge with the units is the pricing. They are pricier as they take up more space, but the benefits are worth the investment.

Multi-family home

The houses are much like single-family homes but with multiple units. They can house various families like an apartment. A single-family house, for example, can be converted into a multi-family unit. You could furnish the garage with all the necessary dwelling facilities and a separate entrance. This means it can house two different families, making the unit a multi-family house. Typically, though, a multi-family consists of four or fewer units. Beyond that, it is considered a commercial building.

Double-bungalow, twin home, duplex, and triplex are some of the common names you'll come across referring to multi-family homes. They are ideal for multi-generation households, allowing everyone to live under the same roof comfortably but in separate living spaces. Moreover, a big advantage is renting out a portion of the property. The units, compared to single-family homes, are smaller. With a shared wall, you also won't enjoy as much privacy.


Condos/condominiums are houses with at least one attached wall to the neighboring building. They are large buildings with smaller, multi-level houses. You own the home's space when you buy a condo, and condo owners jointly own the rest. Condos are like apartments, only with more control, such as a say in what happens and undertake certain remodels. While you have to pay a set fee, they are affordable as the contributions are used to maintain the building in top shape, building home equity.


Townhouses are single-family units built closely together, typically with walls attached to the neighboring houses. You own the house and land it sits on, but the space is limited. They are also referred to as row houses considering the arrangement. With townhouses, you'll enjoy more privacy than a condo. They are also affordable and require less maintenance as the fee paid to the association keeps the properties in good shape.


The units resemble condos and apartments, with the ownership arrangement's primary difference. With the agreement, you won't own the home outright but a share of the building. You own the building collectively with others, making it an affordable housing arrangement. As an owner, you'll have more control of what happens in the building, including who gets to be your neighbor. The challenge with co-op housing is the ownership structure. For instance, getting a loan on a home is not as easy. Selling your unit also is challenging. Moreover, if one of the owners faces difficulties meeting the financial requirements, the burden falls for everyone in the arrangement.

You won't have difficulty exploring the houses for sale in Kenya following your budget, family size, needs, and personal taste and preference. With the many single, multi-family, condo, co-op, and townhouses listed on sites like Hauzisha, you'll find a property and deal matching your requirements, a significant step as you work to develop your dream family.