All you need to know about using Eyelash Extension

All you need to know about using Eyelash Extension

All you need to know about using Eyelash Extension

Eyes are a major part when doing makeup. If you have full makeup on your face but your eyes lack something, then you will not get the desired results. One of the widely used ways to make your eyes look more attractive is to apply for extensions to them. Putting extensions on your eyes will give them a much fuller look, and your entire face will look much more beautiful. 

Beauty trend!

Earlier, these extensions were not that much in trend, but from the past few years, it has been widely used by people around the world. Well, who would not like to have some voluminous lashes with long length? Of course, everyone would love that. This thing is now fulfilled with the help of these express lashes. When we are doing makeup, it is important to go step by step so that we have proper makeup on our faces and nothing looks awkward. Similarly, applying extensions has a proper procedure that needs to be followed. If this process is not followed properly, then you will definitely end up getting extensions that are inappropriate, or you might damage your natural lashes. So, it is important to go step by step and apply these carefully. 

How to apply eyelash extension? 

Well, the application of eyelash extension is not so easy because it takes time, patience, and proper technique. Firstly, you need to know that these lashes are attached to your natural lashes with the help of glue, which makes them stick on properly. If you are applying for the first time, then you have to be very careful, or you can also take help from an expert. You can follow the given steps to apply express lashes without any challenges. 

Step1: Select an eyelash extension according to your look

Before starting with the process, you have to choose a particular lash for your eyes. There are extensions available in synthetic, silk, and mink material. You can go ahead and choose the best lash extensions that you desire by taking help from a professional.  After choosing the type, select the shape and length of the lash you want. Lashes also come in different shapes. Here shape means the intensity of curls in the lashes. After shape, choose the length. If you find a good lash but has a bigger length, you can easily cut them off. 

Step 2: Clean your eyes and lashes

Before applying the extensions, make sure your eyes and lashes are clean. You can use any cleanser to do so. 

Step 3: Apply eyelash glue and tape

Apply the glue on the border of lashes towards the eyes very carefully. Now put on the tape over the glue to secure it. Make sure that you get a good quality tape, which is of medical grade. 

Step 4: Apply the lashes

Once the gel and tape are set, take tweezers and hole the extensions carefully. Now, put these on your lashes very slowly to avoid any irregularity in the extensions. Now after applying the extensions, keep your eyes closed to let the glue dry. Once it’s dry, open your eyes slowly, and you can also remove the tape once the glue is dried.

Well, that’s all, now you have applied eyelash extensions perfectly. However, before applying any extensions, make sure you try it on your eyes first to measure its size and length of it. If needed, you can cut it accordingly.