9 Tips for Music Gigs on How to Plan a Concert

9 Tips for Music Gigs on How to Plan a Concert

9 Tips for Music Gigs on How to Plan a Concert

A music concert is every music artist’s dream. When starting, they go on different gigs to gain more recognition. But it can easily become a nightmare if it's not done well. That can happen when there is a lack of proper planning and execution in the event. 

But what can you do to give a good performance?

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Know Your Vision

The mental picture of the event is the first thing you should consider. To do this, you must ask yourself questions. What will the event be like? Will the aim be to make a profit? What type of music will the artist perform? Who is my target audience? What will they like? 

Of course, you should also come up with answers afterward. When you have answered all these, you will have a clear vision of what you are planning towards. 

Using lead capture apps and other services can help you with that. It would be best if you wrote down the answers. This way, you can keep track of all that is going on through lead tracking, you can keep track with ease.

What Is the Budget?

Planning an event involves spending whether there is profit or not. Without proper budgeting, you might go bankrupt, and the event may not be successful. Mapping out a budget that will tell you how much you need and guide you as you spend for the concert.

The budget should include costs like; 

  • Rent for the venue
  • Music system
  • Publicity
  • Refreshment
  • Security
  • Inviting an artist

While making the budget, give room for extra expenses that may come up so you won't have to spend outside the budget. It is crucial to make it workable and achievable without so much pressure.

Who Are You Working With?

You cannot pull off a successful event all by yourself. You'll need teammates and partners. As an event planner, you can hire workers who will manage various aspects of the planning. This way, the workload is less, and the job gets done faster and with efficiency. 

Put different people in charge of preparing the venue, publicity, refreshments, and security. Ensure you keep track of what every department does and have a roll call before the event starts. You can also use independent music promotion companies to help you organize this. Several companies offer free music promotion services.

Partners can come in to support the event and profit in some way. You can work with event planners and organizations to pay for the concert in different ways. They can offer the venue, provide snacks, manage publicity, etc.

Who will be Performing?

Performing artists are what makes a concert. The performing artists on the list will determine if people will show up for the concert or not. The talents that will perform must match the target audience. Or else, they might find it boring and will not enjoy the gig or concert at all. Consider the goal and theme of the show when selecting talents. 

Most free music promotion companies can help you get great artists you can feature in the concert. Usually, these companies offer a selection of fresh artists that may suit the vibe your target audience is going for.

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You must also ensure that you contact and agree with the talents in ample time to avoid disappointment. Before you start marketing your event, confirm that all talents will be available. Do that so you won't mislead the potential audience. Also, ensure your budget can afford the skills you invite or invite those it can cover.

Keep in mind that you are responsible for the welfare of the performing artists at your event. If you have to bring them from out of town, you must pay for their travel fare. Also, you will be responsible for their accommodation, feeding, and safety. 

Note that inviting a more popular and celebrated artist might cost you more.

The Venue

Choose a venue that works best with your plan and fits the budget. Decide whether it will be an indoor or outdoor event and make it comfortable for the audience. If it is indoor, consider renting out spaces like clubs or event halls. Note that indoor events spare you from uncertainties. You won't have to worry about harsh weather conditions, renting tents, stage setup, etc.

Book the venue early and ensure it is ready before it kicks off. Also, when selecting a platform, consider the parking spaces available. That will save the attendees from getting frustrated about where to park their cars. Finally, remember to get proper permissions from the owners. Not having alcohol, food, equipment, and other approvals may lead to misunderstandings.

What Types of Equipment Do You Need?

You will need various equipment to serenade the audience with quality music. These pieces of equipment include:

  • Microphones
  • Mixers
  • Amplifiers
  • Cables
  • Light boards
  • Musical instruments
  • Monitors and many others

There is a need for a  competent sound engineer(s) who can operate the pieces of equipment properly. You can find a sound engineer on free music promotion sites and hire for the event.

Don’t Randomly Fix the Date and Time

When considering the date, find out if there are akin events taking place in the area or close by on that same date. Try not to use dates that may cause competition to your event or risk losing many attendees.

Also, check with the talents and venue owners before choosing the date.

The timing is also important. Consider the kind of event and the audience you are expecting before you decide to make it a day or night event. Take note of school or working hours and try not to make the concert too long or short.

How to Market the Event?

The success of any event depends on the turnout and the responsibility to it. To get the audience to attend, you need to make them aware of the event and make them interested. 

Social media is a powerful tool you can use to promote the event. Create hashtags, post content, and engage people often on various social media platforms.

Also, avoid provocative content and ensure the hype appeals to the target audience. Lead capturing services can help get your target audience. Some free music promotion sites help you with global music marketing. Others help you give the audience a better experience. Few do both. So make your choice wisely.

Make enough tickets and sell them online or at strategic locations to get more profit. The concert's date, time, and venue should be on the tickets. They should be affordable and price worthy of the event, so the attendees don't feel like it was a waste of money.

Using a lead capturing service is another way to market your brand and event. Such a platform will direct your target audience to where they can buy event tickets.

What Happens After?

After the event, do a follow-up check. That will help you understand your mistakes and what you can do better. Social media feedback from attendees helps to improve the experience for future events. 

Positive feedback can boost your brand, earn you more clients and increase the number of people at your next event. If you have your information on a lead capture app, it will be easier for potential clients to find you.


If the concert is unsuccessful, this may mar your reputation as an event planner. So before you start planning a show, do your research well and ensure that you get everything ready. 

If you give the audience a memorable event, they will likely come back for more!