7 Top Ingredients That’ll Effectively Delay Skin Aging

7 Top Ingredients That’ll Effectively Delay Skin Aging

7 Top Ingredients That’ll Effectively Delay Skin Aging

Staying young forever is a wish that people have had dating way back to ancient civilizations. No matter which continent it was, there were always people seeking a way to stay young. Many of these attempts of being young forever were not successful as we can logically piece together. Many of these attempts ironically brought their demise even faster than without their proclaimed cures. Everyone today knows that lead is not the magical substance that keeps us young. You can click  anti aging essential oils for oils that help rejuvinate your skin

Luckily, with the help of modern science, we can pinpoint which ingredients help us look younger. Even though we can not reverse the process of aging right now, we can keep our skin looking young. There are many proven ingredients out there that help our skin stay healthy and young. It is important to know how these selected 7 ingredients work and know the empirical evidence that proves so.

Plant extracts

Plant extracts represent a mixture of many valuable natural products. Arabidopsis thaliana is a plant with an incredibly fast metabolism that is extensively researched. In order for the cells of the plant to reproduce at such a rate, they need a lot of metabolites. These metabolites can be used by a lot of living beings which is proven by the arabidopsis thaliana extract skin benefits that result from the present antioxidants. These antioxidants, among other natural products, serve to protect skin cells from harmful byproducts that are produced during skin reproduction.

Vitamin C

Many people probably heard about this vitamin, most famous for saving pirates from scurvy. This vitamin is integral in keeping all of the body healthy, including our skin. Vitamin C serves as an antioxidant working in a similar mechanism to the aforementioned plant extract. The structure of this molecule is great for capturing free radicals that damage other molecules in our body.

Vitamin E

The mechanism of action of vitamin E is similar to vitamin C. It is also a low molecular weight molecule that can be steadily absorbed through the skin. The combination of vitamin E and vitamin C is much greater than using just one or the other. The important thing is not to overdo these vitamins because there is an upper limit. Vitamin E is great for protecting the skin from the sun.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is usually associated with better eyesight, but it also helps skin a lot as well. This molecule is fat-soluble which is great for adsorption. It is also great for dosing because the effective amount you need in creams is around 0.5%. In many trials, this vitamin has proven to reduce wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity.


Bioelements include metal ions that are essential for metabolism. Even though many of these ions are abundant in a very small percentage, they are integral for a healthy metabolism. These ions bind to enzymes and use the ions for reaction catalysis. These elements include copper, zinc, iron, and others. It is important not to overdose on such bioelements which can cause serious issues. You can get a steady influx of such bioelements with the proper diet.


Polyphenols cover a very wide range of compounds with many health benefits. The most popular polyphenol extracts are green tea extract and almond extracts. Before applying a cream with polyphenols, check whether you are allergic to the source of such compounds. This is the biggest risk factor because some people can be allergic to some of these compounds, unlike vitamins.

Short peptides

Proteins that give the skin its elasticity are being targeted now as a possible way of keeping the skin young. One of the most currently successful peptides that helps with that is a valine-glycine-valine-alanine-proline-glycine peptide. This is an essential building block for such protein fibers that are readily absorbed when mixed with palmitic acid. Other used peptides can work on enzymes that break down collagen and thus keep your skin more smooth and elastic.

Even though we might not have a remedy that cures old age, we still managed to get pretty far. The span of life and quality of life we have today is pretty significant when compared to just about 100 years ago. All of this is possible only because of the hard work that many scientists around the world did.

These ingredients were listed because they are currently one of the easiest ways of keeping your skin young. There is much more to this subject of skin aging that can be discussed, but that requires a whole lot of time. We are getting pretty close to the technology that can only be seen in sci-fi movies right now. We can advance to this future of keeping our bodies young only with proper medical and biochemical research.