7 Body Language Tips To Make You More Attractive

7 Body Language Tips To Make You More Attractive

There’s a lot that goes into the art of attraction. From taking care of your body to picking out the right outfits, there is much to consider when working to be and feel more attractive. However, one aspect of attraction that many people overlook or ignore is the art of body language. 

Body language is our nonverbal form of communication. We use it to express our emotions and feelings without explicitly saying them. 

The right body language can do wonders when trying to be more attractive and find dates. Read on to learn seven tips on how to use body language to make you more attractive. And if you are interested in learning more about this subject, head on over to BetterHelp for more information and resources. 

Maintain Eye Contact

Proper eye contact is key to establishing any kind of connection. It emits a sense of confidence and self-esteem that sets you apart. Furthermore, eye contact shows your level of engagement with the person as you converse.

 Individuals who struggle to maintain eye contact are often either seen as someone with low self-esteem or who is not interested in the conversation. This can turn potential partners off as individuals with confidence and more interest are usually considered more attractive. 

Furthermore, extended eye contact with someone you are attracted to or love increases the love hormone oxytocin. This means that you and the person you are attracted to may experience a deeper passion and interest in each other if you are able to maintain eye contact. All of these benefits make eye contact one of the most crucial forms of body language to master. 

Lean In

When your partner is talking, you want to show that you’re engaged. Don’t keep looking around the room or standing back from them. Make sure to lean in. This shows that you want to hear everything they are saying and that you are fully engaged in the conversation. 

Be More Open

When trying to attract someone, you want to show that you are open and relaxed, not stressed or closed off. This shows your relaxed and welcoming nature, encouraging others to keep talking to you rather than walking away. 

Avoid crossing your arms or clutching your purse. You should also refrain from crossing your legs or showing any body language that indicates you are nervous or uptight. Closing up your body shows you are not interested, which makes you less appealing as a potential partner. 

Align Your Body With Your Partner’s

In addition to being open, you should turn your body to directly face the person you are attracted to. This will not only indicate to them that you are open for conversation but that you are engaged in specifically conversing with them. To successfully do this, make sure your toes, torso, and head directly face the person you are conversing with. 

Mirror Body Language

Mirroring is an essential form of body language to show attraction and be attractive. Everyone subconsciously mirrors the body language of those they are interested in or attracted to. It is a habit we evolved with to show others we are interested in them and want to be like them. 

Moreover, the person who receives the mirroring language is more likely to be attracted to the person doing the mirroring. So it not only indicates your interest but also makes you highly attractive. 

Carry Yourself With Confidence

The most attractive quality anyone can have is confidence. Therefore, no matter who you are trying to attract or how you feel internally, you should carry yourself with confidence to attract potential partners. 

Walk with swagger, keep your chin up, and stand tall. When conversing, speak boldly and with certainty. Act out of a place of high self-esteem but don’t be arrogant. People with confidence tend to be the center of the party, while those with low self-esteem have difficulty engaging with others. 


Don’t forget to smile! A genuine smile shows warmth, joy, and fun. It shows your partner you are having a great time and enjoy talking with them. Smiling encourages the conversation to keep going and helps to blossom a connection. 

However, don’t bother to fake a smile. Despite what we may think, many people can pick up whether someone is faking a smile. This may have the opposite effect of what is intended. The person you are conversing with will pick up on the fakeness and lose interest. Therefore, make sure your smiles are genuine and are coming from a place of real happiness, fun, and joy. 

Bottom Line

Body language is a great way to show attraction and make yourself more attractive. It is the subtle way of telling someone you are interested and are worth connecting with. With body language that shows confidence, openness, and warmth, you can show everyone in the room just how attractive you are. 

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