5 Things to Remember When Buying a Golf Course Home

5 Things to Remember When Buying a Golf Course Home

5 Things to Remember When Buying a Golf Course Home

No two people will probably have the same idea of the perfect home. You might like living somewhere remote, where it’s quiet, and there are not many other families around. Maybe you want the opposite, and you don’t feel comfortable unless you live in a big city where there’s always lots of noise, people, and traffic.

For some people, living next to a golf course is their idea of heaven. They might love the thought of hearing the thwack of the golf balls every morning and hearing the mowers cutting the fairway grass.

If you are considering moving to a house next to a golf course, there are a few things you should consider. We will talk about five of them right now.

It Can Get Noisy

There are various considerations when buying a golf course home, and you should think about them before you commit. For one thing, golf courses can be noisier than you first imagined.

We mentioned how golf clubs need to maintain their courses. They will doubtless have a whole grounds crew that is always at work, keeping the greens and fairways in top condition. You will be able to hear them cutting the grass, snipping away at the hedges, etc., throughout the day.

You will also hear the golfers and caddies on nice days. If it is a public course, it’s possible that the golfers could have a few adult beverages before they start for the day, and they may get a little rowdy.

If it’s a private club, the members will know to keep the commotion down, but in general, you can expect to hear some noises if the course is literally in your backyard. If tournaments ever take place there, that noise should be even louder at those times.

The Property Value is Usually Stable

One nice thing about golf course living, though, is that if you buy a property there, it’s probably not too likely that the value will plummet. Golf course homes can entice a certain class of people, and a house you buy there is probably going to hold its worth better than one in the middle of a standard city block.

You can usually count on the home’s value staying where it is or going up if you maintain and hold it for a while. That might be a point in the house’s favor if you’re on the fence about buying it.

You Can Play at the Club

It’s also probable that you can play at the club if they will have you as a member. In some cases, you’ll need someone who’s already a member to recommend you, and you will have to pay club dues. If you can afford them, though, and you like golf, that might be another reason you will want to buy a home there.

If it’s a public course, you can play there, even if you’re not a member. All you'll need to do is pay for eighteen holes whenever you feel like it. You can invite your friends and family members over and have a foursome whenever you’re in the mood.

You Will Have a Nice View

You can also probably enjoy a nice view of the fairway every time you go downstairs and look out your dining room or kitchen window. Because of the golf course, it’s not likely that anyone will build any more homes there. That means your neighborhood is not in any danger of overdevelopment happening.

You can look out over the golf course and enjoy the view. Just remember that players can see you as well, so don’t get in the habit of walking around in your underwear unless you’re okay with passing golfers getting a free show.

Your Neighbors

You always want to think about what kind of neighbors you’re likely to have when you move somewhere new. If you move right next to a golf course, it makes sense to think that you’ll live around a bunch of other golfers. If you’re okay with that, there’s no reason not to move forward.

Many times, older individuals golf. You may end up living next to a bunch of retirees. If you’re that age yourself, that might be fine. However, if you’re a younger person, you might prefer to live somewhere more vibrant, with an average lower population age.

Weigh the pros and cons carefully if you plan to move to a house with a golf course nearby.