5 Fashion Essentials Every Woman Needs

5 Fashion Essentials Every Woman Needs

5 Fashion Essentials Every Woman Needs

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Regardless of whether a woman works outside her home or not, there are essential pieces of clothing that her closet needs. These essential pieces are a great foundation and buildable for almost any occasion, between grocery shopping, picking up children, meetings, and other social events. Shopping for a wardrobe without these essential pieces will make mixing and matching or even making the most of what you have in your closet more difficult. So, if you want to save time, you must place an online order from Getbinks, which has a magnificent in-house fabric selection and a committed design team to make your outfit come to life. They expertly handled your orders and slowly created each item to your preferences.


Please continue reading to discover ways to stretch your clothes beyond one or two styles and five essential pieces every woman must have in her closet.


Essential items in your wardrobe are those pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to create the style and vibe you are seeking. It is like the perfect fitting jeans that can be casual with sneakers or dressed up with boots. Or the ideal-fitting tweed blazer that looks great with black leggings for a day at the park or can get perfectly matched with a skirt for a business meeting.


While a closet full of a variety of clothing is a wish for many, essential pieces make a wardrobe complete. Five of those pieces are:


1. White Button Down Blouse


A crisp white button-down shirt is one of the most basic items in a wardrobe but also highly essential. That is because a white button-down can be worn in multiple ways, different fabrics, and take an outfit from drab to fab instantly.


Some ways to style or wear a white button-down blouse include:

  • Half tucked into pants for a youthful look.
  • Tucked into pants or a skirt for a professional look.
  • Over a bathing suit.
  • Layered over a tank top.
  • Belted over pants or leggings.

2. Print Pieces


It doesn’t matter much your dress style; whether it is classic, minimalistic, bohemian, etc., your wardrobe needs something in print. Adding prints to an outfit instantly gives your look something eye-catching.


Prints can include animals, florals, geometric shapes, and more for clothing. Zac and Rachel blouses and pants come in different fashion-forward patterns and bring something extra to outfits. These pieces are easy to incorporate into items already in your closet and work well with varying clothing styles.


3. Black Slacks


Slacks, or dress pants, can be worn almost anywhere. They go from work to outings easily. They work with blouses or can be styled with a cardigan or blazer for a dressier look. Black slacks are an essential part of a wardrobe because of their versatility.


Also, regardless of how you feel about black, it is essential because black can be slimming, chic, urban, dressy, or dramatic as a neutral. Black is versatile and particle. One of the best things about black clothing is that it can be paired with almost anything.


4. Denim Jacket


It’s no secret that a denim jacket is both timeless and trendy. That means that although denim jackets have been around forever, it also circulates as a stylish item year after year. Whether it recycles and becomes trendy again because of new acid wash techniques or because the season for wearing them is upon us again, denim jackets are essential.


One of the best things about denim jackets is that they include many styles. Including the color and wash of the denim, jackets can be fitted, have ¾ sleeves, are collarless, have multiple pockets, be waist length, blazer cut, or even as long as a trench coat. Whatever length or cut chosen, denim jackets can be paired with almost anything else in a wardrobe.


5. Little Black Dress


Although little is part of its title, the little black dress is anything but small when it comes to being part of a woman’s wardrobe. As essential as a great-fitting pair of jeans, a black dress is classic and timeless.

Also called an LBD, a black dress can be any length, any fabric, and over as much or little of your body as desired. It is single-handedly the most versatile and essential piece of a woman’s wardrobe. Therefore, regardless of whether to go to the club or church, a black dress is essential for a woman’s wardrobe.




As you have read, several essential items are necessary in a woman’s wardrobe. I have listed those pieces above. If you are building a wardrobe and want to ensure that you have the essentials, start building on the details listed above.