5 Factors to Consider Before Installing a Skylight

5 Factors to Consider Before Installing a Skylight

5 Factors to Consider Before Installing a Skylight

If you have spaces in your home where you would like a little more light, then adding a skylight would be a good idea. The place where it is installed becomes more bright and sunny, while you enjoy all the benefits of natural sunlight.

Before making any decision it would be valuable to study extensively the options and do extensive market research. In the following lines, you will find analyzed the parameters that you should take into account before proceeding with the purchase and installation of a skylight and its corresponding skylight opener.

5 Factors to Consider Before Installing A Skylight

Avoid Skylight Glare

Α skylight can offer plenty of sunlight in your space, however, this also implies the negatives of sun exposure. It is good to study its installation point with an engineer to avoid the unwanted "glare", the excessive heat, and the finally uncomfortable stay in the skylight area.

Glare can also discolor your upholstery fabrics and fade your curtains and rugs. The neutralization of the solar reflection could be prevented through the addition of a special UV filter or shade in the skylight to be installed.

Choose a Skylight with the Right Shape

This is probably something you would never expect as a tip, but it is crucial if you wish to adjust the light in your space. For greater light diffusion, choose a skylight that illuminates. For focused light, choose a skylight with straight sides, so that the sunlight enters in a straight line.

Create the Illusion of Space Expansion

Any space that is not properly lit, does not stand out enough, creating a false feeling of discomfort and satiety. Instead of focusing on adding new rooms, focus on highlighting your dark spaces with the appropriate skylight. The difference you will see in your unexploited spaces will be huge and worth it.

Eliminate Heat Gain

If you wish to balance the high temperature during the summer period, then installing a skylight might help you make the difference. Of course, a double-glazed skylight would be ideal in such a case. Bronze skylights are also recommended, especially if they are located on the south or west side of your home.

The installation on a lower slope, in turn, helps to minimize the increase in temperature during the summer months; a slope of 5-15 degrees lower than the latitude of your home, is suggested by the US Department of Energy.

Think Of Ventilated Skylights

Ventilated skylights ensure a cool and bright home, without extreme temperature changes. Try to avoid manual options and prefer the installation of automatic ventilation mechanisms.

Automated Skylights - Electric Skylight Openers 

If you want a long-term investment in the lighting of your home, that encapsulates the latest technology, then automatic skylights are here to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Of course, a good budget is required, as they have rain and heat sensors, that increase the purchase cost.

These sensors detect humidity and temperature when the skylight is opened and closed. Finally, you are offered a special programmable remote control, for setting up automated commands. Who would say "no" to a skylight opener?

In any case, before buying a skylight, take care of your roof's repair, so that it can support any technical intervention.