10 Essentials for Business Travel

10 Essentials for Business Travel

10 Essentials for Business Travel

Preparing to take off for a vacation often involves extended packing lists, self-made itineraries and slightly more flexibility when you touch down at your destination. Business travel, on the other hand, requires a slightly different approach. Work trips are typically condensed into a shorter duration and call for specific necessities in order to maintain a professional, sleek appearance while remaining an organized, prepared and reliable representative of your company. 

To ensure you have everything you need for your next business trip, read on for several tips to help you pack smart and be prepared for every meeting and presentation on your agenda. 

  1. Packing Cubes

Disorganization is not only a hassle to manage, but it can add undue mental stress to a business trip. As you ready your suitcase to board a Boeing NMA, it’s important to stay as organized as possible to keep all of your belongings accessible and coordinated. Packing cubes not only maximize the amount of space in your luggage, but they also keep all of your things sorted and contained, making them easier to locate when you need them. 

  1. Wireless Headphones

From long flights to important work calls, a set of wireless headphones is an asset for any business traveler. A pair with a lengthy battery life and a comfortable ear fit can make it easier to stay connected to the office back at home and make it easier to pass the time during connecting flights and train rides to the conference center. 

  1. Extra Cords and Batteries

Few things are more stressful than realizing your phone or laptop is about to die and you’ve forgotten your charger. In addition to the trusty chargers and cords you use on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to tuck a few extras in your bag in case you leave one behind at the hotel or need to power up while on the go with a portable battery pack. 

  1. Backups

While away from home, anything can happen, which is why a set of backup documents, storage devices and work outfits can come in handy if disaster strikes. Rather than overpack in case of emergencies, aim for smaller backup options in the form of a keychain thumb drive, an extra wrinkle-free shirt and a small sleeve of important documents kept in your carry-on. 

  1. Business Cards

Every business trip is a great opportunity for networking, and you may even find that many fellow attendees at the conference or event you’re present for would make excellent industry colleagues. Bring a few business cards along for the purpose of exchanging them while you’re away, and make sure you have a pocket or spot to collect others’, too. 

  1. Portable Alternatives

Business trips can be stressful, so the more closely you can follow the daily routine you maintain at home, the more comfortable you’re likely to feel while you’re away. You may not be able to pack your entire morning routine with you, but you can opt for smaller alternatives that will help you to keep consistency on the road. Invest in travel-sized versions of your favorite personal care products, electronics, supplements and emergency extras such as an umbrella, jacket, sewing kit or digital camera. 

  1. A Hand Steamer

The wrinkled ensemble you pull from your suitcase after a flight may be permissible at the beach, but it won’t work for your keynote speech. A portable, compact steamer doesn’t take up too much space in your suitcase and can quickly smooth out unsightly wrinkles in the morning to keep you looking professional and polished. 

  1. A Comfortable Backpack

In addition to your larger suitcase, you will likely need a smaller backpack or bag to tote along while at your destination. Look for an attractive bag that can either be folded down into your luggage, slipped over the handles or tucked beneath the seat in front of you on your flight. If you’re traveling with electronics, make sure this backpack is comfortable enough to be worn during travel and spacious enough to accommodate everything you’ll need to carry around on your trip. 

  1. Travel Insurance

Travel hiccups happen, and it’s better to be safe than sorry when they do. Make sure you’re prepared for the worst with solid business travel insurance coverage. These policies help to cover expenses incurred from interrupted travel, baggage loss, unexpected travel incidents and medical emergencies. 

  1. A Water Bottle

Dehydration is common for travelers of all kinds, but it can be especially hard on business travelers who need to remain hydrated and alert for important meetings. Bring a reusable water bottle and stay on top of filling it up throughout the day. For added comfort, invest in a self-filtering version to ensure you’re properly hydrated for the duration of your trip. This option will allow you to fill up your bottle just about anywhere and drink clean, great-tasting water.