Why Women Make Good Salespeople

Why Women Make Good Salespeople

Why Women Make Good Salespeople

The business world is typically dominated by males. Yet women are arguably more successful in business then men are.

One study actually looked at businesses that contained different numbers of women. The companies with the most females had a 66 percent greater return on capital, a 42 percent better return on sales, and a 53 percent higher return on equity. Another study found that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity were more likely to have above-average financial returns.

The statistics tell a similar story when it comes to sales. While 67 percent of salesmen achieve their quota regularly, 70 percent of sales women do so.  Meanwhile, sales teams that contain at least 45 percent women earn a revenue average 15 times higher compared to companies with fewer women in sales positions.

No matter which sales metrics a business uses, women are quite capable of achieving and surpassing its goals. Here are some reasons females achieve lots of success in sales.

  1. Women Are Empathetic

Women are known for empathizing with others. This is particularly true of middle-aged women.

Empathy is important in sales because a salesperson needs to relate to potential clients. The more the salesperson understands what the customer wants, the more trustworthy the salesperson will be. Empathy also encourages client loyalty and helps saleswomen build stronger relationships with clients.

  1. Women Are Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional intelligence, or EI, is related to empathy. EI is defined as the ability to manage both other people's and your own emotions. One study found that women are better than men in 11 of 12 EI categories.

Research also reveals that those with high EI levels are more successful in sales. That's because those with good emotional intelligence can keep their feelings in check during stressful situations. Those with poor EI, meanwhile, may resort to counterproductive behaviors such as offering heavy discounts or attacking competitors.

A high EI also allows salespeople to properly interpret their customers' behaviors. For instance, those with an elevated EI will understand that a client's clenched jaw and low eyebrows are signs that the pitch is going poorly.

  1. Women Are Active Listeners

In the media, the most successful salespeople are those with the gift of gab. Yet listening is arguably a more important skill. In fact, nearly three-quarters of customers are more likely to purchase an item if they feel the salesperson is listening to them.

By listening, a salesperson can learn about a customer's particular problems or concerns. The salesperson can then tailor his or her pitch to the potential buyer's needs.

Active listening is particularly vital. While one study found that male representatives listened to their sales calls slightly more than females did, the females participated in more active listening. In other words, the women focused on understanding their customers, while the men just listened so they would know how to respond next.

Women may be better than men at general listening, as well. The portion of the brain associated with listening is actually larger in females than it is in males.

  1. Women Have Strong People Skills

Some potential clients may feel threatened by male salespeople. Women, however, have natural social skills. This helps them better connect with prospects. Females are less intimidating than men are and can thus get more information out of customers.

  1. Women Are More Determined

Since women have not always been welcomed by businesses, females feel as if they need to work harder. They are thus incredibly determined. They are more willing to do the grunt work necessary to succeed in sales. Females also may come up with creative solutions to problems instead of getting stuck.

While women do not always get respect in the sales world, they clearly deserve it. They are good listeners, and they have the natural empathy, people skills and emotional intelligence that salespeople need. Women may also be more determined to succeed. Whatever a company is selling, it should do more to get females on its team.