Why Should Men Wear Corsets?

Why Should Men Wear Corsets?

Why Should Men Wear Corsets?

All our life we have only seen women donning beautiful corsets in period dramas or during stage performances. Corsets are an extraordinary piece of clothing, which not only molds an individual’s silhouette to a more desirable form but also amps up their attitude by a ton.

Why then is this wonderful garment worn chiefly by women? When it comes to grooming and dressing up well, men deserve the same kind of choices that women have - the boon of corsets or waist trainers. Looking for a waist trainer? Click here

The Evergreen Corsets

Corsets translate to ‘little body’ and that is exactly what it helps in achieving. Corsets aid people in attaining a slender body by training the torso to look desirable. Corsets were and are still considered an essential part of both male and female clothing. They symbolize femininity and drama. Corsets may make your figure look small but they add volumes to your attitude.

Corsets are an indispensable supportive undergarment for both men and women. Trends in the fashion industry face a lot of changes but the one piece of clothing that has remained a constant companion is the corsets. Corsets have evolved with times, trends, and geographical location, but they have never really left the stage

Are corsets really for the men?

Men wearing corsets is uncommon but not unheard of! Many tipsy trolls will mock men who opt to wear corsets and we know for sure they are utter idiots. If half of them knew the uses of wearing a corset and the general aura a corset donning man or woman gives, they would never have dared to debate.

  1. Posture

Imagine a person passing by you, the first thing any sane man or woman will notice about an individual is their body language and posture. God forbid if they see you hunched over machines, that is certainly not the kind of impression you want to leave behind!

Besides corsets are also used to correct posture and for medical purposes. Corsets are also used as waist trainers that help in temporary waste reduction or correction. Frequent corseting can be crucial in building muscles that get the body used to good posture. A lot of men wear corsets to curb their back and muscle pain.

Many personalities like Andy Warhol and John F. Kennedy wore corsets for back support. A lot of scoliosis patients have also found the corsets a better alternative to drab braces.

  1. Aesthetics

Corsets look stunning on everyone, regardless of their gender. Corsets accentuate the natural V-shape of men and do not allow the middle portion to bend, resulting in a beautiful posture. They are the perfect brace for your body.

It may feel wrong to wear corsets just to look good but it is common knowledge that when someone looks good, they feel confident in their skin.

  1. Be Lean

Corsets are tummy trainers; they arrange your body fat in such a way that it gives you a toned and fit look. This does not work for overtly obese men. Corsets create a small illusion of a toned body.

Although in some cases, the use of corsets is said to help in negligible and temporary weight loss. Corsets make the fat molecules in the surface level of skin evaporate and hence achieve an extremely lean appearance. Moreover, the tightly clinched waist makes men look smarter and more sophisticated.

Break the Manacles of Toxic Masculinity

Ever since the first corset, many narrow-minded people have described the corset as a ‘moral evil’ and deemed their usage morally ‘indecent’. People vehemently tried to discourage their use and spread false rumors about corsets. Rumors like health issues faced due to corsets and ill effects of tightlacing started doing the rounds.

Yes, corsets are tummy trimmers but they are far cry from choking death machines. Unfortunately, a major chunk of these rumors was spread by misogynist men who considered the idea of corsets vain and frivolous.

Men who initially shunned corsets later came to secretly admire it, going as far as to wear it secretly to ease back pain, provide spinal support, or simply look and feel handsome.

Although, with time men came to accept corsets as a piece of garment and happily adopted the new trend. They were the first to break down the walls of toxic masculinity and try to bring in a new definition of beauty for men. As the Gen Z generation, we must keep breaking toxic masculinity by taking small steps to redefine fashion for men.

In ancient times, Japanese Samurais wore corsets as a shield to avoid getting hurt, and the military in western Europe rode horses while wearing corsets for the protection of their spine if they fell off the horse. How can a garment so useful be an object of ridicule for corset donning men?

Be the knight in shining armor

It is time to embrace the fact that corset has many advantages ranging from health to fashion. It could be argued that corsets today are equipped with the female kind in your mind but that cannot stop men from trying it out.

Fashion for men has evolved. Men should at least once try on and see how they feel about corsets, you never know how it will make you feel if you never try it! So, let’s break the manacles of toxic masculinity, and Stay Calm and Keep Corseting! Just the way how True Corset Does!