Which Form Of CBD Is Most Effective

Which Form Of CBD Is Most Effective

Which Form Of CBD Is Most Effective

The expansion of the CBD market has been a boon to millions of its loyalists. Not to forget, there are millions more out there who are excited to get their first CBD product as well. But this fun experiment could quickly get overwhelming for many, and the vast spread of versatile options of CBD products is the apparent reason behind it. 

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Before we even go to brands and quality, there are several different forms to consider, different options under each of these forms to look at. But wait, do all of these forms deliver the same level of efficacy? The answer is no. So how about you go for the most potent form that gives exceptional benefits? Well, that is a great idea, but which of these forms is exactly the most potent? Let us explore the answer to this probing question here. 

Potent Forms Of CBD

Some of the most common forms include dry herbs for smoking, isolates such as crystals, concentrates, vape juices, sublingual, infused foods, topicals, creams, water-soluble, and even edibles like CBD gummies with active CBD. When we talk about the best form for relishing the highest potency of CBD, we will compare these products in terms of bioavailability, time for absorption, water solubility, and drug interaction (primarily to understand the safety of use).


Bioavailability refers to the absorption rate in the system when it enters the body through different means. The term mainly describes the concentration of a specific drug in the bloodstream once consumed. Although most CBD forms will typically end up in the bloodstream, what percentage of the compound is absorbed is critical to evaluate the best form of the cannabinoid. 

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A simple example is edibles. CBD consumed in edibles expresses the lowest bioavailability of all methods. The reason behind this is that when you eat an edible, it reaches your gut and goes through metabolization before the compound can enter the bloodstream. The process typically tends to significantly lower the effective amount of CBD available for the user. 

In contrast, methods like inhalation offer higher absorption as the amount of CBD available is not disturbed by bodily processes. Here, the tiny particles of the compound will pass through the membranes in your lungs directly to facilitate quick entry to the bloodstream.

Absorption Time

Understanding which forms are fastest to get absorbed also helps individuals make the best choice. Inhalation and sublingual are the two fastest methods of absorption so far. The reason, as mentioned above, is that inhalation causes the CBD compound to pass directly into the bloodstream from the lungs. Sublinguals also follow a similar process as they get absorbed into the bloodstream from under the tongue. 

The typical time for the effects to set in for these two methods is around 15-45 minutes. The exact time would depend on the frequency of use and varies from person to person. Dabbing especially is known to take slightly less time, around 5- 15 minutes. 

Water Solubility

Water solubility plays a critical role in compound absorption. Exactly why? Well, although water solubility is quite a new feature for CBD products, it can have exceptional value when you try to understand how the body interacts with fat-based products. One of the most common reasons that cause low absorption of CBD is that it is fat-based while our body is, in fact, water-based. While water is a powerful solvent that can work miraculously with most compounds, unfortunately, fat is not one. The oil typically repels water which could become tricky for relishing the complete benefits. 

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Although our body has its mechanism for coping with this issue by forming micelles, the fat globules that form leave out a lot of the product. Water-soluble CBD infuses nano-emulsions is an elegant solution to this problem that can significantly improve CBD availability. Oral delivery of such products could provide powerful benefits to users. 

Drug Interactions 

The presence of other drugs or compounds in the body can also impact the absorption of CBD in the system. The interaction can affect both ways, interrupting the regular functions and effects of each compound. Medications with a grapefruit warning on the label indicate that the drug could interact with CBD. It can also intensely affect its potency and induce side effects. 

Enhancing The Effectiveness Of CBD

So far, we have discussed the many forms of CBD to understand which of them offers the best potency and effects. But there are many effective ways of improving this potency naturally for better results. These methods could come in handy for those who have a specific form in their mind and would like to enhance its effects. 

Mix Up Your Method Of Delivery
Sometimes using the same method with the same dosage could be the problem with experiencing fewer effects. Change up your routine and try an appropriate dosage through a different form.

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Introduce Some Fats

As mentioned, water-soluble CBD products are a wonderful way to ensure you experience the best benefits of absorption at its best. But if you are working with no such product, then introducing some fats along with your CBD compound could be beneficial. For example, explore infused foods like CBD olive oil or butter, where the cannabinoid is soluble in fat and shows improved effects and benefits. 


Comparing CBD potency in its many forms is a critical exercise to go through, no matter the application. The primary reason is that understanding the actual efficacy can help you narrow down the best forms for your needs quickly and relish exceptional benefits from this mind-blowing cannabinoid.