Where Not to Get Injections: All About Botox Danger Zones

Where Not to Get Injections: All About Botox Danger Zones

Where Not to Get Injections: All About Botox Danger Zones

If aging signs are weighing you down, you’ve probably considered anti-aging interventions like Botox injections.  Are you shying away or trembling at the thought of a Botox injection? If so, you’ve probably heard or read stories of Botox gone wrong.

These stories may invoke images of frozen faces, unusual puffiness, or excessively drooping eyelids. All these stories have one thing in common—the Botox injections were done wrong or administered in the wrong place.

However, you can get natural and subtle results if you know about Botox danger zones.  Read on to learn more about areas you should never get a Botox injection.

What Is Botox Injection?

Botox is one of the drugs approved to treat facial creases and wrinkles. People commonly use it as an age-defying injectable, along with others like Juvederm. BOTOX & Juvederm prevent aging signs by making an area appear chubbier and blending with the rest of the younger skin.

Botox works by blocking the chemical signals generated by your nerves. In most cases, it blocks the signals that cause muscle contraction. 

As a result, Botox injections relax the muscles temporarily, preventing wrinkles in the injected muscle. This way, the areas where aging folds and creases appear will look smoother and younger.

Where Should You Not Get Botox Injections?

Whether you’re getting a Botox injection for the first or fourth time, you are likely to get it wrong about the injection site. After all, even those used to the injections, like Whitney Buha, have experienced complications with Botox treatment.

If you are starting out on your Botox journey, of course, you should look for the best Botox in your area to avoid any side effects. However, if you want to avoid any side effects from Botox treatments, avoid getting injected in the following areas:

The Frontalis Muscles

The muscles are located at the front of your skull. They are the muscles above your eyebrows that are responsible for raising your eyebrows or forming wrinkles in the forehead. Your aesthetician or medical provider should not administer Botox to the frontalis muscles.

Instead, the provider should inject the corrugator supercilii muscles. These are smaller muscles located around your eyebrows. They are the muscles that move your eyebrow inwards towards the inner eye or downward.

If your service provider injects the frontalis muscle, you’ll be at high risk of the Mephisto Effect or Spock Brows. Your eyebrows will have an unnatural and awkward upturn.

You’ll have exaggerated eyebrows. If you don’t want to end up with comically arched eyebrows, make sure your aesthetician does not inject Botox into your frontalis muscles.

Wrong Area in the Orbicularis Muscle

This muscle is located in your upper and lower eyelids. Its main function is to help you close and open your eyes and drain tears from your eyes.

Your aesthetic service provider may inject the wrong part of this muscle when treating crow’s feet. For example, they may inject too close to the orbital bone. The injection will weaken your upper eyelid muscles, making them droop.

If such mistakes happen, you will be at high risk of ptosis, or eyelid droop. In this case, your upper eyelid will droop over your eye. It may droop just a little bit or too much to cover a large part of your pupil.  

In extreme cases, ptosis will block your normal vision. You’ll also struggle with grooming tasks like applying eye makeup.

You should also be conscious about getting Botox injections too low in your lower eyelid. In such cases, you may get under-eye bags. Injection into your orbicularis oculi inferior muscle will cause excess relaxation.

Your Botox before and after results will show exacerbated eye bags, especially if you had eye bag issues before the injection. Therefore, you should avoid getting a Botox injection for the crow’s feet that are too low in your eyelids.

Chin’s Muscles

If your chin is dimpling or wrinkling, you may consider a Botox injection. The injection will smooth out the wrinkles in your chin and make you look younger.

However, injecting Botox into the chin’s muscles is risky and can distort your smile. For example, it can create an imbalance between the muscles of your lower lip. The impact is that you’ll have a deformed smile or a lisp.

The chin is a danger zone for Botox injections because using Botox on the lower face and the chin is considered off-label. There are no studies or official approvals to inject the drug in these areas.

Rather than injecting the chin, injecting the nearby masseter muscle is preferable. This muscle facilitates your mastication and connects your lower jawbone with the cheekbone. Injecting the masseter muscle will be more suitable if you have bruxism.

Around the Mouth/Lip Area

Friendly Botox prices may compel you to make a rushed decision about getting an injection for the smoker’s lines in your upper lip. As attractive as the prices may sound, you may be signing up for plumped lips.

A Botox injection around the mouth may injure the arteries that supply your lips with blood. As a result, you’ll experience swelling and excruciating pain.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t sign up for treatment to soften your marionette lines. However, you should know that Botox injection may damage the lip area. And who will you blame if you can’t whistle or drink from a straw?

Upper Skin Layer

You understand that Botox injections target particular muscles to relax them by now. If your aesthetician injects the drug into your dermis, you will not achieve this effect.

The medication will not be effective as it will not reach the target muscles. The impact is that you’ll only get your skin bruised for nothing. Your muscles will continue contracting, and the wrinkles will continue to form.

This is one of the reasons why you should choose an experienced aesthetician. The professional will do the right job, ensuring that you witness the desired effect within a few days.

Know the Botox Danger Zones and Get Safe and Effective Injections

When getting a Botox injection, the aim is to achieve a natural look while ensuring a safe injection. By understanding the Botox danger zones and avoiding injections in these areas, you can increase your chances of attaining a successful outcome. To help you have the best experience with your anti-aging treatment, we have explained the Botox danger zones. However, it is important to note that pregnant women should avoid Botox injections as it can botox harm pregnancy and cause potential harm to the developing fetus. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, it is important to discuss your options with a healthcare provider and carefully consider the benefits and risks of Botox before making a decision.

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