Where Australians Should Plan Their Next Staycation

Where Australians Should Plan Their Next Staycation

Where Australians Should Plan Their Next Staycation

Staycations are a great way to enjoy a vacation without the stress or expense of traveling and allow you to see your own towns and cities in a new way. Some of the best places in Australia to plan a staycation include the Blue Mountains, Gold Coast, Hobart, Whitsunday Islands, and Uluru.

Blue Mountains

This location has something for everyone, with areas for quiet reflection, reading, and romantic meals, and alternate activities for those who prefer a more active holiday, including hiking and other outdoor sports. It is a suitable location for a family staycation or for a romantic getaway and ensures that everyone will find something they love. As a national park, the area is protected, ensuring that you will see nature in its truest form. 

Gold Coast

With 60km of the coast, there is plenty of beach for those who want to swim or spend their days resting on the beach. The local cafes, bars, and restaurants offer many opportunities for any meals or slow coffees you may want. For those looking for an active vacation, there are places to whale watch, dolphin watch, and to visit the rainforest or national parks. Hike through the area to find yourself surrounded by nature, walk the beach to enjoy the sand and water, or try new restaurants, all without going far from home. 


For a trip back in time, the cobbled streets of Hobart lead through the colonial architecture. It was located near bushland that is protected and bordered by the sandy beach and clear water. Freycinet National Park offers a place to stay and offers a chance to hike the Hazards of pink granite and is within walking distance from Wineglass Bay. Local offerings also include the Port Arthur prison colony and other sites that are famous in the area and abroad. You can find acceptable accommodations at some of the most beautiful hotels in Hobart, AU. If you live outside of Hobart, consider calling around and checking Google reviews to find the best place for your stay.  

Whitsunday Islands

For a staycation that includes island hopping, beautiful beaches, and access to the forest areas. There are places for snorkeling, offering a new view of the area. Fly into the local airport for the day, or spend a few days trying all the local activities. 


Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is a well-known site and exemplifies much of what is known of Australia. The monolith is unmissable and offers a view that will not be forgotten. Tours are offered of the park and will allow you to learn about the history of the area through the cultural center. For the Anangu culture, the area is considered to be a spiritual place and can be shown respect through learning about the history and culture. A staycation is one way in which people can enjoy a short vacation without the hassle or the expense of a long-distance vacation. They can include overnight stays or be made up of a few days of local activities. With a wide range of options and a strong connection to the past, the nature of Australia should not be missed by those who live there.