What You Need To Know Before Your Volumetric Facelift | Glasgow

What You Need To Know Before Your Volumetric Facelift | Glasgow

What You Need To Know Before Your Volumetric Facelift | Glasgow 

Are you thinking about getting a facelift but the invasiveness of the procedure is holding you back? Well, a volumetric facelift may be the answer you have been looking for. With years of experience and mastered techniques, the Volumetric Facelift Glasgow will help you regain a youthful glow that looks natural and does not require any surgery.

While there are tons of anti-ageing skincare products out there that help hold onto a youthful look, these products can be expensive and may not work for everyone. This is why the volumetric facelift has become an increasingly popular choice because it requires minimal work from you and still gives you a fresh-faced glow. 

Here is everything that you need to know before you go ahead with your procedure. Including some must-ask questions that you should ask yourself. As well as, a few questions you should ask your doctor before the procedure. 

What is a Volumetric Facelift?

A volumetric facelift is one of the most effective, non-invasive facelift procedures which leaves your face looking tight giving you a youthful glow. Over time our skin starts to look a little thinner and less tight this is because the skin will become looser as we age. This is a result of a loss in elastic tissue in the skin which is natural. 

The way a volumetric facelift helps restore the youthful appearance of aged skin is done by injecting fillers on top of the bone. A volumetric facelift will give the skin a more voluminous look, leaving the skin taught and youthful. The fillers which are injected into the face during this procedure are made from hyaluronic acid, which is the same hyaluronic acid in our bodies. These fillers will last for approximately two years and will be absorbed naturally into the body. 

To give the face a are more natural look the common places that are treated during a volumetric facelift includes the chin, jaw, area around the mouth, cheeks, eyelids, temples and forehead. However, when it comes to the amount of filler required in these areas will differ based on several factors. Including the health of the patient’s skin, age and how the patient’s journey with ageing. 

Risks of a Volumetric Facelift

With any medical procedure, there are risks so even though a volumetric facelift procedure does have risks. It is important to keep that any facelift procedure will also have its own set of risks and these risks may even be worse. A few risks of having a volumetric facelift include:

  • Some redness, bruising, and swelling - after the procedure you may notice redness, bruising and swelling on certain areas of the face. However, this should go down a few days after the procedure has been completed. 
  • Irritated or itchy skin - once you have the procedure down you may notice that your skin may feel a bit itchy and irritated.
  • Numbness - you may notice that certain areas of your face and around your ears may be a bit numb after the procedure. 
  • Risk of infection - while infections may not be common it is important to keep in mind that they are possible with this procedure. 

Pros and Cons of A Volumetric Facelift

Before going through with a volumetric facelift a good idea would be to weigh out the pros and cons of this procedure.

Pros of a Volumetric Facelift

  • Relatively affordable - considering the long term results and the price of other facelift procedures this procedure is relatively cost-efficient. 
  • Less time consuming - a volumetric facelift procedure will only take about an hour depending on the patient. 
  • Not very painful - as the volumetric facelift is not an invasive procedure it will not be extremely painful. 
  • Relatively quick recovery period - does not require a very long recovery period compared to surgical facelifts. 
  • Results in a more natural look - a volumetric facelift is subtle which gives you a more natural look. 

Cons of a Volumetric Facelift

  • Regular touch-ups may be required - while the results do last for about two years regular maintenance and touch-ups may be needed depending on the patient. 
  • Require an expert practitioner - it is so important to find a doctor who has experience with volumetric facelifts. This procedure requires experience and if not done correctly it could be harmful to the patient. 
  • Risks of the procedure - there are a few risks of having this procedure done, which is another reason why it is important to find an experienced practitioner because this may minimise these risks. 
  • Volumetric facelifts may not be suitable for everyone - patients who have extremely saggy skin and have aged quite a lot this type of procedure may not be best to tighten the skin.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting A Volumetric Facelift

Why have I decided to get a volumetric facelift?

Before going through any facelift procedure it is important to make sure that you want it for yourself and have not been persuaded by anyone else. Deciding to go ahead with a volumetric facelift may change the way you look. So it is important to make sure that this is definitely what you want to do because once the procedure is done you cannot go back. 

What results am I expecting from a volumetric facelift?

It is important to remember that a volumetric facelift aims to achieve a youthful look that looks natural and not very drastic. So if you are looking for a more extreme change this might not be the right procedure for you. Make sure to choose the procedure that will leave you with the results that you are looking for. 

Is a volumetric facelift the right procedure for me?

While a volumetric facelift can usually be done on most patients there are rare instances when this procedure will not be effective for certain patients. Specifically, patients who already have extremely saggy and aged skin. This is because a volumetric facelift requires injecting filler so patients who have skin that is too saggy may require a lot for filler which could result in a less natural look. 

Is a Volumetric Facelift in my budget?

Even though a volumetric facelift is one of the more affordable facelift procedures, it is important to find a practitioner who has the experience and a good record of completing this procedure. These practitioners may be a bit more expensive but the last thing you want to do is get a less experienced practitioner just because they are cheaper because this could result in a poor job. 

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor Before A Volumetric Facelift

Is a volumetric facelift the right procedure for me?

Whether you are completely sure or you are still fell a bit indecisive about getting a volumetric facelift, it is very important to ask your doctor if this will be the best facelift procedure for you. Your doctor can advise you if this is the best facelift procedure for you. As well as, how this procedure will change the look and feel of your skin and whether it will give you the results that you are looking for.  

How long will this procedure take?

While most volumetric facelift procedures take around one hour to complete this time may differ between patients. This is why it is important to ask your doctor how long your specific procedure will take to make sure you can plan yourself properly. 

What will the recovery period be like after this procedure?

As the volumetric facelift is not a surgically invasive procedure the recovery period will not be very long. However, each patients recovery period may differ depending on their age and the amount of filler they may require. 

What are the possible side effects and risks of a volumetric facelift?

The common side effects of most non-invasive facial procedures usually include mild swelling, slight bruising, itchy skin, and a little redness. It will be beneficial to ask your doctor what are the common side effects of their specific procedure just to be fully prepared before you go ahead with it. 

Where Can You Get a Volumetric Facelift?

Dr Darren McKeown’s Cosmetic Surgery Clinic based in Glasgow has a good understanding of the ageing process and years of experience with volumetric facelift techniques. Making this a great clinic to get a volumetric facelift procedure. While the clinic is based in Glasgow you can have a private online consultation to discuss the procedure and ask any questions that you have before going ahead with the procedure. 

Whether you are based in Glasgow or another city you can get your consultation done in the comfort of your home. So don’t wait any longer and book a consultation for your Volumetric Facelift Glasgow today.