What is boho and how to style boho?

What is boho and how to style boho?

What is boho and how to style boho?

Fashion has always been a medium in defining liberation. It offers a seamless possibility to express your freedom and individuality. And Boho style is one such unconventional fashion, which is redefining the fashion sensibility of the mainstream culture. With its various dramatic outfits and unconventional styles, they have found a way to rebel against defined rules, moralizing, and the conservative taste of the popular culture.

Bohemian fashion style is a representation of a free-spirited and unconventional lifestyle. It is one such fashion statement that gives infinite space to represent one’s individuality. This is a type of fashion that is stimulated by the free-spirited lifestyle of the hippies or flower children of the 1960s and 1970s. This fashion style depicts their informal way of living that questions the strict social standards of behavior. 

This counterculture that started back in the 19th century has evolved and has emerged as an aesthetic phenomenon as more and more people began to embrace boho chic clothing and its chunky accessories. Now, one cannot constrict boho style as a mere fashion. It has emerged as a separate culture that depicts the non-conforming ideology and beliefs of humans.  

Today we could find a wide range of boho clothing and their signature accessories in the market. Its effortless, relaxed, loose-fitted, and funky look along with its artistic mishmash has made it a fashion trend. People are trying their creative flair to the bohemian style and making their unique fashion statement.

If you want to voice your stance and project your lifestyle statement, then you can follow these tips and shape your fashion sensibility to get a stunning boho look. 

How to style Boho?

Bohemian style popularly known as boho chick is famous for its stunning prints, eye-catching pattern, vibrant colors, chunky jewelry, natural fabrics, earthy shades, and statement accessories. The comfortable, loose-fitted, breezy nature of the boho style gives you a taste of nature and wilderness.

Let us look at how you can style your cloth to get the perfect boho vibe.

  • Layering is a must

As we have discussed before, bohemian style is all about getting a relaxed and carefree look. Since it has taken inspiration from gypsies and hippies who led a free-spirited traveler life, the look of boho style will remind one of those hippies of the 60s. Since they traveled from one place to another, they wore everything that they had and never bothered about matching clothes and accessories. 

Thus, boho styling involves a creative mishap of elements and layering diverse things to create a harmonious hippie look. 

You can wear a deep cleavage tunic with chunky jewelry and wear a fringed vintage jacket to add layering. Always, try to layer plenty of mental and junky accessories to get a cool and harmonious final look.

  • Maxi/ peasant dresses and skirts

To ace a boho style you need to let your body breathe freely. Therefore always opt for dresses that look cool, casual, and flowy. Maxi dresses and peasant blouses will be the best option. A floral printed, breezy maxi or peasant dress with lace details can give you a bohemian vibe. Better go for the nature-inspired shades to increase the aesthetic look of the dress. 

Always, remember to go for comfortable, cool dresses that will let your skin breathe freely.

  • Chunky Jewellery

One of the highlights of boho fashion is its crafty and mishmash use of junky jewelry.  Tribal engraved rings, metallic necklaces and chokers, chunky bangles and earrings, and huge stone rings are a must to create a perfect boho fashion statement. Try to pick out jewelry that is loose and is made of stones, pearls, shells, feathers, or other earthy elements like turquoise. 

You can style your jeans and crotched top with an oxidized choker necklace or suede jewelry to get an ethnic look. You can visit a good online store to get more info about handcrafted boho ornaments and get a hold of the best boho jewelry made by skilled craftsmen.

  • Perfect accessories are the key

Every detail is very necessary to ace the perfect boho style. If accessories like printed headbands or bandana, an oversized colorful scarf with eye-catchy prints, suede ankle boots or open-toed sandals, a chic purse with intricate embroidery and fringes, and a boho belt embellished with silver coins and colorful weavings are used wisely, you will be able to create a versatile boho look.

Try to use accessories that use bold colors, have pretty prints, and ethnic look. These will give you a free-spirited, cool, and comfy look. Complete your versatile boho look with a chic fedora.

  •  Embellishments

Focus on the embellishments that are used in the clothing and accessories. Tassels, feathers, metal coins, fringes, and embroidery are very important to get a bohemian vibe. Bohemian clothes emphasize handcraft, so you can add your unique ideas and embellishments to give a gypsy vibe to your clothing.

So, follow these tips to get a versatile and artistic boho look.