Top 5 Brand Companies & Their Successful Marketing Planning

Top 5 Brand Companies & Their Successful  Marketing Planning

Top 5 Brand Companies & Their Successful Marketing Planning

The digital world of marketing keeps on evolving, and it can be pretty challenging to figure out what works, and more significantly, what doesn’t. The best way to solve the online marketing world's issues is to study brands that have managed to stay on top of this world, figuring out what clicked for them.

You always don’t need to reinvent - you can choose to be safe at times too. For instance, as a new brand of aerated drinks in the market, you can analyze how Coca Cola marketed as an esteemed brain tonic managed to stay on top of the branding world is a great move.

However, the amount of inaccurate information and execution failures in online marketing is too much for anyone to get confused about. Therefore, implementing a marketing plan that impresses your client, improves your brand image, and boosts your ROI can be pretty challenging but not unachievable.

Top 5 Brand Companies & Their Successful Marketing Planning:

1. Zappos

One of our favorite brands is Zappos, a leading online shoe brand with a fantastic customer support team - nothing impresses customers more than customer care! On top of that, Zappos offers a guarantee of money-back for the entire year accompanied by a stellar free shipping policy for customers to avail or exchange their products.

The cool thing about Zappos is they do not try hard - their policies are winning customers' hearts everywhere, and we all know the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Additionally, they have a crazy social media campaign strategy that works almost every time. 

Note how they always focus on customer satisfaction and needs - not what they want the customer to need. 

Content is king and content marketing king’s most important weapon, but this weapon must be used effectively for the best results. The whole point of successful online marketing depends on the profitable results compared to invested resources. 

2. American Express (AMEX)

Almost every company out there can be seen speaking about building online communities and subsequently generating spaces for online engagements. However, only a few are able to actually build a valuable online community. 

American Express is one such company that heavily relies on generating value-based content by industry professionals on a collaborative site called Open Forum. On this site, American Express invites guest authors who are also industry leaders to share their expertise. The result? A rich content site famous for the search engines, all executed without any investment from American Express. 

You need to understand that you need not become a content creator - you can explore niche creators famous for their content. Approach these people and collaborate with them on crafting a few blogs for you. As long as the content proves to be valuable, you will benefit from the traffic, and the creator can benefit from new audiences.

3. Mint

As a new startup on the block, it’s a nightmare to think about being in any popular industry with too many competitors. However, in the face of similar difficulties, Mint’s well-implemented digital marketing plans make the brand stand out in the crowded personal finance industry. 

Mint was a relatively unknown company amongst its competitors, but then this brand’s dedicated online marketing strategy began to publish vast amounts of top-quality niche content - from blogs to infographics that went viral, Mint left no stone unturned for growing their business. Consequently, the brand was able to build a community and was purchased for a solid 70 million dollars by Intuit. 

Neil Patel’s podcast called ‘Growth Everywhere’ discusses why he decided to invest 30000 dollars on top-quality content and publish it for free, and how it was all worth the investment finally! Note that spending on marketing content always needs much of your time and savings, but if you are committed to creating relevant content, it’s all bound to work out!

4. Dollar Shave Club

Many people would say that shaving is a tiresome task, and if you are one of those people, you need to check out Dollar Shave Club’s famous launch video. Dollar Shave Club shook the foundation of its weary industry and did something so fun!

Presently, Dollar Shave Club has more than a million people subscribing to their channel, and their launch video has more than 24 million views. Unilever recently bought the company for 1 billion dollars. At the peak of their success, the company shared plenty of fun content like “Is It Bad to Pluck Nose Hairs with My Fingers?” and “Do I Need to Wash My Hands After I Pee?” 

The team at DSC sure knew how to enjoy while crafting a campaign! As a potential marketer, never be scared of being free with your strategy. Look at DSC - they use cheeky humor for creating memorable campaigns, and their clients love them! Who knew something as ordinary as buying a razor could be transformed into a comic experience?

5. The Wirecutter

Marketing results are always a risky business, and affiliate marketing is one of the most complex processes to execute, but if completed properly, the results can be terrific for the brand. The Wirecutter has set precision in this industry since its launch five years ago. 

TheWirecutter calls itself ‘“list of the best gadgets—like cameras and TVs—for people who don’t want to take a lot of time figuring out what to get” and went on to make as much as 150 million dollars by the NY Times.

If you are wondering what the site does, well, they write product reviews and simply link it with Amazon’s listing of the same product, taking a commission out of every sale. This works for them because real experts and experienced professionals do the reviews - it takes somewhere between 20-200 hours to complete work on such sites.

Bonus: Coca-Cola:

Coca-Cola's effective digital marketing strategy has worked wonders for establishing the brand as a significant player in the global market. After all, the brand is known for its stellar marketing strategies and even social media moves, especially its Facebook marketing strategy. 

Coca-cola marketed as an esteemed brain tonic was how it all started, and the journey continues. The brand just does not sell some cold drinks in a bottle. Instead, it’s much more than its happiness inside a bottle - what a great concept! We loved the brand’s ‘Happiness Machine’ video!


The marketing world is not as complex as it looks. You need to have more faith in human beings and their capabilities instead of some complicated algorithm. Today’s audience is exhausted from watching the same product-oriented ads and results obtained by paid measures - they want to know what actual users of a product or service are saying.

And that’s exactly what brands like Coca-Cola and Zappos do - make your consumers happy, and you are set with your strategy! After all, a few things never change, and consumers are always right!

Author Bio: 

Emily Bryant is a professional content writer. She completed her graduation in Psychology from the University of Montreal, Canada. She is very passionate about writing in many journals and magazines. She is the owner and co-founder of WP Blogger Tips. She is also associated with many authority blog sites such as Online Marketing Tools and Online News Buzz