Tips on How To Choose The Best Pair Of Sunglasses

Tips on How To Choose The Best Pair Of Sunglasses

Tips on How To Choose The Best Pair Of Sunglasses

Sunglasses have been around for a long time now and you might have been wearing them for a long time as well. As a kid, our parents asked us to wear sunglasses or we wanted to try on a pair that was lying around. But sunglasses are not just a fashion statement, they have a very important function and are necessary for us. Sunglasses protect our eyes from natural elements, like sand, wind, dust, or snow.

They are also used to protect our eyes from the extremely harmful UV rays of the sun which causes cataracts, pterygium, or macular degeneration. They also protect our eyes from glaring bright light that causes migraines or headaches. Sunglasses clearly have many important functions and should be constantly worn during day time to keep your eyes healthy for a longer time. Choosing the correct sunglasses is thus very important. There are more factors that should be looked at beyond how fashionable they are. So here are some helpful tips to choose the correct sunglasses for your eyes.

● Lens Tint -

Darker tinted lenses doesn't mean they block more UV rays. The tint of your sunglasses should depend on the activity you're doing. If you're going to the beach or whenever there is a clear sky during the summer, you should use dark glasses like black, dark red, copper or brown ones. The darker tinted sunglasses protect you more from the glaring bright light of the sun, saving you from headaches. Buy glasses online for the best range. 

On days with a cloud overcast or snowy days, you should use sunglasses that are tinted yellow, amber, rose or orange to increase contrast. If you are an athlete or a golfer and have to spend your day near greenery, amber, green, or grey-tinted lenses will increase the contrast of your surroundings while darker tinted glasses will mute it down.

● UV Protection -

Every sunglass doesn't come with complete UV protection. As the primary and most important job of sunglasses is to protect from the UV rays of the sun, it is quite imperative to check whether your sunglasses are completely UV protective. Prolonged UV rays exposure can cause a lot of damage to your eyes, so this is a quite serious factor.

Before buying sunglasses, do not forget to check and make sure that they are 100% UV protective. These sunglasses are not just for the more bright days, these sunglasses should be used even when there is snow as snow reflects the UV rays of the sun more. You can buy these sunglasses online more easily as you will be able to check if they meet your requirements as the details are given in a concise manner.

● Size - 

Even though small cat-eye sunglasses are in style right now, bigger sunglasses are better for your eyes. The more surface area your sunglasses cover, the better your eyes are protected. Consider getting oversized sunglasses. Wraparound style glasses are even better to protect the peripheral sides of your eyes. They are just extra protection and it's always better to be safe than sorry.

● Glare -

Protecting yourself from the bright glare of the sun is also important. This sun glare momentarily blind you and it's very dangerous when you are driving or doing anything on the road where there is traffic. Sunglasses with polarized lenses prevent these bright glares. They only let in a specific amount of light at certain angles and reduce the brightness of the light as well. If you are light-sensitive, polarized lenses can help you while reading in the sun as well.

The light reflected from the white pages of the book can cause eye fatigue and reduced brightness from a polarized lens helps. If you don't want polarized lenses, anti-reflective coating on a lens does a similar job as well. It reflects a lot of the light back from the lens surface which reduces the amount of light entering your eye.

● Frames -

The frames of sunglasses are always chosen on the basis of style. However, choosing the correct frame should also be considered from the protection point of view. If you have prescription glasses, you should buy fit-over sunglasses that can be worn over your glasses. People tend to buy sunglasses with prescription-powered lenses but you have to change the lenses every time your power changes.

Fitover sunglasses would naturally be more economical. You should also make sure that your frames fit you perfectly and don't constantly slide down while doing any activity.

● Cost -

Better sunglasses doesn't always mean they have to cost a ton of money. You can buy sunglasses online with all these aforementioned features at quite a reasonable price and with exciting offers too. As long as they are protective against the UV and the glare and are made of decent material, you are good to go. A good pair of sunglasses will last you quite a while. Splurging a little bit on a decent pair of sunglasses is better than buying a very cheap pair that does not last for long.

● Style -

The way a sunglass looks shouldn't be the primary focus while buying a sunglass but it cannot be forgotten either. Make sure you choose a frame that suits your face shape. You cannot go wrong with a classic wayfarer or aviators but try to play around and experiment with the squares and the cat-eyes as well. Circular frames are very much in fashion now and look great on anyone with a square face. Play around with bold colors as well when it comes to the frames. Make sure you are comfortable with the sunglasses and are confident as well.

Everyone should have great sunglasses but people get confused about choosing the correct one. Looking out for these few features while you are shopping for sunglasses will make your decision much easier. These are very basic features in sunglasses and can be easily found anywhere. Hopefully, you can now choose the best pair of sunglasses for yourself that you will love and will easily last you a couple of years.