The Different Types Of Alcohol And How To Choose

The Different Types Of Alcohol And How To Choose

The Different Types Of Alcohol And How To Choose

Drinking alcohol is not something that anyone does casually. It is a ritual for many people, one that involves careful planning and forethought before imbibing to get the most out of their experience with alcoholic beverages. There are different types of alcohol available, each one has its properties regarding how long it lasts in your system, how strong it is, and what kind of impact it has on your body.

Knowing which types of alcohol are available is half the battle when it comes to picking out the right alcoholic beverages for you! There are wines, beers, liquors, and even cocktails that all have different effects. Therefore, to help you choose the best alcoholic beverages to go with whatever you're planning on doing, we've compiled a list of all the different categories of alcohol and provided some helpful tips regarding how to plan out your alcoholic consumption for optimum results.


Rum is a great drink to enjoy on its own as well as one of the best bar mixers around. There are several different kinds of rum available, each with its unique flavor and strength. Dark rums tend to be much stronger than other types of rum and also have a very strong molasses or caramel-like flavor that can easily overwhelm or clash with other flavors if not mixed properly. On the other hand, light rums do not overpower the taste buds and work well in almost any circumstance. 

Spiced rums tend to have a very strong spiced flavor (caramel, nutmeg, vanilla, etc.)  and even though many use them for bar mixers, some of the finest premium rums are meant to be drunk neat or on the rocks. Having a glass of this uniquely blended smooth rum is a great way to end a long, hard day at work or enjoy a relaxing evening with family and friends. It is a truly rewarding experience that will keep you coming back for more.


To have a good time at a dinner party or be able to enjoy a relaxing night out with friends or family, wine should always be an option on the table. Because a bottle of wine can. When it comes down to drinking wine, there are two main things to consider: color and vintage. The color of the wine usually corresponds to the type of grape used in making it, however,  it is not always the case. Vintage refers to the year that the grapes were harvested, as some years are better for wine production than others. 

If you plan on having a relaxing night out with some friends or want to impress your date at a formal event, go for a bottle that is at least a few years old. This will help guarantee a good taste and a great drinking experience. However, if you need to relax after a long, hard day at work or want to spend time socializing with friends at a party, you can opt for a semi-sweeter, lower-vintaged option.


Believe it or not, the kind of beer you choose to drink can affect your body. For example, a lager will last much longer in your system because it has a lower alcohol content than other beers. If you need to get up bright and early for work in the morning but still want to have a few drinks with friends at a bar after work, going with a lager is probably going to be your best choice. Lagers are also good for aging over time because they generally don't age as fast as ales do.

However, if you're planning on having lunch with some close friends after work and would like something stronger, go ahead and order a craft beer variety pack instead. The Ales that come in this pack tend to have slightly higher alcohol content than lagers, so you'll get the effect faster. This also means it will dissipate from your system faster as well, which is why ales are good for having lunch with friends who have a short lunch break.


Whiskey is an acquired taste, but once you acquire it's easy to see why there are so many whiskey drinkers out there! Whiskey usually has a strong "burn" that some people adore and others despise. There are several different types of whiskeys on the market today, each one with its unique flavor and strength. It's important to consider what kind of experience you want when choosing one to drink. If you're looking for something smooth and easy to drink, try a blended or blended malt whiskey. Blended whiskies are also great for bar mixers because they do not overwhelm the flavor of whatever you decide to mix them with while also still providing a tasty drink.

On the other hand, if you'd like something strong and flavorful, opt for a single malt or pure malt whiskey instead. Single malts will be smoother than most blended whiskies but still have an intense flavor. Pure malts are even stronger and harsher than the average whiskey so they should only be drunk by people who can handle their liquor.


As you can see,  choosing the right type of alcoholic beverage for your particular bar experience is essential if you want to have a good experience. Understanding the different types of alcohol that are on the market will help simplify your decision process! Whether you're looking for something strong or smooth, strong or light, there's a type of booze out there for everybody. With this newfound knowledge, you should have no problem picking out the perfect drink tonight.