The 8 commandments for your wardrobe

The 8 commandments for your wardrobe

The 8 commandments for your wardrobe! 

Reaching adulthood means you have to work, pay your bills, and spend your money wisely. We all make mistakes in how we spend our money, and I’ve definitely been guilty of this in the fashion shopping area. Way too much money spent on items that you only wear once (if that) before ending up in the charity shop a year later. So here are 8 tips to avoid the same mistakes I made:

  • Wear clothes to suit your body type.

Whether you’re HourGlass, Pear, Rectangle or Triangle, knowing your body shape is essential to finding clothes that flatter. Once you understand your own body, you can build a wardrobe that really embraces your body shape and makes it work for you. Don’t get tempted to go for something you know doesn’t work with your shape just because you found a deal – if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll know it, and you won’t feel confident. 

  • Shop the Sale!

If you really want to be smart and make your money work for you, you’ll search for those timeless essentials for your wardrobe in the Sales. If you find something simple, that works to build multiple looks, then it never goes out of fashion. Sales should be avoided if you’re interested in following trends, but if you can get your hands on simple items you can wear season after season, then fire away!

  • Use fashion aggregators to get a bargain on your statement pieces

Once you’ve nailed the staples, you might want to invest in some statement pieces, and there’s no better way to get a bargain than to let someone else show you the way. Sites like ShopStyle or FashionFused do the hard work for you, and find you the best prices on anything you need, and more.

  • Buy second hand

Not to mention the obvious sustainability impact, buying second hand can really allow you to take risks with your wardrobe for a bargain price. Check out some leading platforms like Depop or Vinted to unlock access to a treasure trove of designer options at rock bottom prices. 

  • Invest in staples and leave the occasional wear on the rack (until you need them)

You’ll hear me talk about wardrobe staples till I’m blue in the face, and that’s because I’m a big believer in timeless classics that you’re gonna wear again and again. There is of course a time and place to buy that statement dress, and I’m not suggesting you go to a wedding in a pair of Jeans. But we need to resist the urge to buy occasion wear ahead of time, and instead build out your wardrobe with staples, and only shop for occasion wear when you absolutely need to.

  • Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

Adding the right accessories in the right places can transform your look without breaking the bank. You’ll find yourself saving on clothes for every occasion, and instead become a master of dressing things up or down by adding a few finishing touches. Whether it’s a well placed belt, some eye-catching jewelry, a scarf, or some designer sunglasses, they all have the power to transform your outfit.

  • Find a great tailor

While it may seem like you’re adding unnecessary cost to get things altered, the extra wear you’ll get will outweigh the cost quickly. We all have that beautiful piece in our wardrobe that we love on the hanger, but never wear, because it just doesn’t quite fit. This is where your tailor comes in; get it altered and you’ll be getting used out of those beautiful pieces you didn’t quite have the confidence to wear before.

  • Invest in your underwear

Great fit shouldn’t just be on the outside! Never underestimate the power of a well fitting bra to give you a slimmer silhouette and make your clothes fit better. A quick bra fitting with any of these major retailers will help you find exactly what you need for your body shape – check out: Agent Provocateur or Coco de Mer