RAW food ideas for your Dog

RAW food ideas for your Dog

RAW food ideas for your Dog

There is no better feeling for any pet owner than knowing that their loved one has the perfect home. It can be a hard battle to make sure that your dog stays fit and healthy by moving around. RAW food is healthier for your dog, and it is a great way to introduce more raw meals into your furry friend’s diet. In addition, learn if can dogs have ibuprofen when they are sick?

The idea of feeding your pet with healthy and natural foods like fresh veggies, fruits, and whole grains might be intimidating for some owners. But there are a number of dog foods that have been specifically made for dogs who need to eat RAW as well!

People these days are focused on their health and put an emphasis on staying away from processed food. Owners who want to feed their pets in these ways can buy dog supplies at PETstock, which offer a wide array of RAW foods that can be bought online.

Here are some raw food suggestions for your canine companion:

  • Poultry, beef, mutton, pork, and other lean muscle meats:

It’s possible to mince or dice it for making it convenient for your pets. Internal organs like the heart or liver can be served as well. The liver should never account for more than 10% of a pet’s overall diet. Just be sure to get the go-ahead nod you’re your vet once before creating your raw meat recipe.

  • Fish:

Any type of fish is fine, but particularly fatty fish like herring, salmon, pilchards, and sardines are recommended. If you can’t get fresh fish, try adding canned fish to the diet once or twice a week.

  • Dairy items:

Some dairy items that most dogs tolerate include small amounts of cheese, goat’s milk, probiotic yoghurt, etc.

  • Eggs:

This can be eaten twice or three times each week. It acts as a good source of nutrients as protein, vitamins, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids are found in this food.

  • Bones:

This is pretty obvious from the time we all owned our very own snoopy to the time we watched Scooby dooby doo; we all know dogs love to chew on bones. Raw, meaty bones from chickens and turkeys are an all-time favourite treat.

  • Veggies:

Spinach, winter greens, broccoli, cauliflower, and other leafy vegetables are usually welcomed.

  • Vegetable roots:

Carrots, parsnips, swede, turnips, and other starchy vegetables are allowed, but not potatoes.

  • Fruit that is still in season:

 Grapes and avocados should be eliminated from the diet plan, while dried fruits should be taken in moderation owing to their high fructose content. If you want to give open farm food to your dog, then here is Open Farm Dog Food.

This is how you should distribute your dog’s food:

Meat accounts for 80% of the meal, while internal organs account for 10% of the total. 5% fruits and veggies, 5% dairy, or 5% supplements

If you want to give open farm food to your dog, then here is Open Farm Dog Food.

Some additional tips:

  • Serving your dog raw foods in their dish, with meaty bones as a side dish, is the easiest method to meet their nutritional demands.
  • There is no secret formula for determining the proportions of meat, offal, and veggies. A 23 per cent meat and offal to 13 per cent veggie ratio are recommended. Others will say that a diet of 90% meat and offal and 10% veggies is the healthier option. But pay attention to your dog’s likes and dislikes and treat them as an individual.
  • Any raw meat will suffice if it comes from a respectable source.
  • Grate the veggie or pulse it in a food processor.
  • Any vegetables will suffice, but raw potatoes will not. It is advisable to make use of fresh vegetables if possible.
  • Because some dogs are intolerant to vegetables, combine the ingredients thoroughly and always consult the vet!
  • Remember to get your dog some raw, meaty bones. These give critical nutrients, help keep their teeth healthy and provide other advantages.
  • If you’re going to create your food, you’ll probably find that preparing a large batch ahead of time and freezing it saves you a lot of time. Forming it into rough patties or hamburgers is an excellent method to achieve this.


A weekly commitment of thirty minutes can make both you and your pet very happy. This healthy, nutritious meal is very filling. It is known to add lustre to their coat, build their immunity and even take care of their dental health.