Planning for a family trip to the Caribbean? Don’t forget to check out these amazing islands!

Planning for a family trip to the Caribbean? Don’t forget to check out these amazing islands!

Planning for a family trip to the Caribbean? Don't forget to check out these amazing islands!

If you are looking for a fun and exotic tropical vacation destination, then Caribbean islands are your best option. The Caribbean sea is home to almost seven hundred islands; this number also includes some of the world's best reefs, islets, and cays. You can hire a luxury yacht to spend quality time with your family while exploring the beauty of the Caribbean sea.

When there are so many options to consider, you might get confused about which island to choose for your family vacation in the Caribbean.

Moreover, when considering taking your family, you have to choose a suitable destination for children and adults. You want to ensure all the facilities your family might need during the vacation are available. 

So, here are some of the best islands in the Caribbean that you can visit with your family. 


Due to their popularity, the Bahamas must be on top of your list. The Bahamas have some of the amazing resorts in the whole cluster of Caribbean islands. From high-end luxury resorts to three-star resorts, you will find all types of accommodations. 

Moreover, there are plenty of things to do over here, from surfing to horseback riding. 

The biggest resort on the island is Atlantis, and it even has an extensive water park. So, while you are sipping pina coladas on the beach, your kids can enjoy the water park. 

Cayman islands

These islands are equally popular amongst business people and tourists alike. Besides being a tax haven, these islands can be a ton of fun for your family. One of the activities that catches the interest of visitors is snorkeling and scuba diving, and you might even get to swim with stingrays and experience the ocean life up close. 

If you or your kids are interested in learning more about the ocean's ecosystem, you must visit Cayman Turtle Center. 


Martinique is a splendid destination if you want to spend your vacation in luxury resorts and high-end restaurants. Moreover, since this destination has started gaining popularity, you can easily find small rental homes or AirBnb that might be more suitable for your budget. 

So, no matter what your budget is, finding the perfect accommodation for your family is easy. Additionally, there are plenty of leisure activities that you can indulge in on the island. 


It is an underrated island that loses its potential to shine behind all the other fancy islands. But, Curacao is the perfect destination if you wish to indulge in leisure activities and enjoy the sunshine on the shorelines. 

There are plenty of resorts on the island, and a few of them offer unique programs for children and teens. So, while you enjoy the fantastic Dutch colonial architecture, your children will be busy enjoying the resort. 


Anguilla is one of the best islands for a family vacation in the Caribbean. On this island, you will not find high-rise hotels flooded with tourists. This island is more secluded so that you can soak up the island's culture and beauty. If you and your family want to enjoy some quiet time in nature without the hustle and bustle of tourists, then Anguilla presents itself as a viable option.