New bridal collection by Sleeper!

New bridal collection by Sleeper!

New bridal collection by Sleeper!

Finally, the famous label, which has become known worldwide for its party pajama sets and various items of clothing, called Sleeper has created its new bridal collection! The latest bridal collection by Sleeper has already managed to raise a lot of excitement in the United States and the reviews so far have only been positive.

Sleeper is a label that has made everyone's dream of wearing their home clothes to any event a reality and accessible to everyone. They did this by creating truly universal sets of clothes that women can use as they wish and it will still be wonderful. If they want, they can sleep in these clothes, or vice versa, go for a walk and visit a noisy restaurant or bar.

The new collection will make you feel like the happiest woman in the world, not only because you are expecting such an important wedding ceremony. but also because you will look like an angel in disguise, wearing a slip wedding dress on the-sleeper.com.

What you can find in the Sleeper bridal collection

It is important to say that the collection is highly variable and, in a manner of speaking, flexible. There are different design solutions. In addition, some dresses are available in silk and linen so that every bride can find something to her liking. Available in two different options:

  • Paloma dress
  • Opera dress
  • Atlanta dress

Sleeper's wedding cape, along with the dress of your dreams, will allow you to feel peaceful and free, as you will not even feel it behind your back.

Also, there is not only the dress itself and the wedding cape but also a very nice thing that will complete the picture to the end and allow you to walk on the ground as if you are flying - silk ballet flats! Mille-feuille silk ballet flats are crafted with the utmost care so that nothing distracts or interferes with the most important ceremony of your life.

Source: https://the-sleeper.com/en/product/boheme-slip-dress-with-feathers/

The history of Sleeper

Most often, new labels or brands quickly appear and become popular around the world if they carry a certain idea that will be of interest to the community and target audience. Sleeper is the case. The brand fulfilled the dream of those who dreamed all their lives to go to work in their pajamas, although before it was only an internal, almost imperceptible desire that people had been hiding in themselves for so long.

They didn't run a big marketing campaign, but the former editor of Italian Vogue brought the brand to prominence. Therefore, the founders did not expect that in one morning they would wake up famous! Then Sleeper was praised by many people and many celebrities from different countries bought the first collection of a new label.

In general, their idea was warmly received in Western Europe and the United States of America, where many wanted to buy their own Sleeper clothing set, and maybe more than one.

Sleeper was launched in Ukraine in 2014. But it quickly spread its popularity beyond the borders of one country. And soon their clothes were already bought all over the world, and those girls who really appreciate themselves and do and believed that comfort is easily and organically combined with the beauty of the image bought them. In this way, the label solved their problems and they were really able to come in pajamas and house dresses to the workplace or parties, which was a great joy for most.

This is how a small Ukrainian label grew into something truly epoch-making by the standards of the fashion world through the fulfillment of desires, and not the desire to chase incredible popularity and money. Now you can purchase the Sleeper bridal collection, which contains several pieces of clothing, and be the most beautiful bride in the world. Yes, and your partner will certainly be happy to see his beloved in such a beautiful way.

Why buy a slip wedding dress from Sleeper?

In our time, people forgot about those bulky and unrealistically heavy dresses and corsets that prevented all women from living and doing business. Now everything is much simpler and if a woman wants, then she can dress in a way that is convenient for her, and not for anyone else, and this is just wonderful. Because of this, the concept of one-time-weared clothes is almost irrelevant for us and now a lot of things can be used not only for their intended purpose but for other occasions.

It is also very important to highlight that the entire collection consists not only of the bride's set. There are also dresses that suit the bridesmaids. So you can form a complete image of the "Royal Wedding".. The new off-the-shoulder Sleeper bridal dress will look great on them and you will also be happy with such a turn of events because in this case your bridesmaids will remember this day even better and you will be able to discuss it years later at your get-togethers.

It is also very important in the label that every detail of the clothes is completely made by factory workers with their own hands. Each set takes at least 6-8 hours, and this period may vary depending on the complexity of the item of clothing or the collection itself, as well as its theme.

Benefits of the brand and its collections

Of course, everything has its pros and cons, but the advantages of Sleeper are undoubted because the founders approach their products, not as a product of mass consumption, but really worthy clothes, made in few copies to satisfy the desires of their fans and customers in them.

The brand used to specialize only in pajamas but they have moved on from that and now the brand provides a full range of casual wear that is just as good quality.

Clothes are made from only the finest materials and hardly any other label cares about its customers as Sleeper does in this regard.

It is distributed, among others, by Urban Outfitters and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Klarna is a payment option that is provided as an alternative.


The Sleeper company has achieved genuinely incredible success and has firmly established itself in the worldwide market. Many renowned people praise their different collections, where items can be combined for home and streetwear without strict differentiation. Many women all around the world have already purchased these clothes and have given them rave reviews.

You may also visit their online store and get anything from their latest collections.