Love Playing the Electric Guitar? Here’s How to Get Better at It

Love Playing the Electric Guitar? Here’s How to Get Better at It

Love Playing the Electric Guitar? Here’s How to Get Better at It

Playing an electric guitar can be a wonderful experience. It's empowering to have the ability to create your sound and music, but it can also be frustrating. You may not know where to start or you might feel like you're stuck in a rut. If this sounds familiar then never fear, many tips will help you make progress on your instrument and improve your sound. You might also want to check out the coolest fender telecaster of Belfield Music.

Be patient with yourself

Most people want to improve their techniques overnight, but that is not how things work. You need to be patient with yourself and only speed up your progress with the methods you learn over time. If you give up because your skills aren't strong enough then it's no surprise that you won't see any success. Go through these top 10 tips written by a pro-guitarist. Good preparation and a good teacher are the best combinations to start learning/improving any instrument.

Listen to different artists

Most of the time musicians end up playing music like what they listen to. It can be fun and interesting to play songs by similar artists but don't forget about all the other genres out there. Listen to different types of music so you have a greater appreciation for different sounds and techniques on electric guitars. This will also help expand your repertoire. Don't stop listening just because you become good at playing an instrument.

Get a good teacher

If you want to advance and improve your techniques then you need to get a good teacher. A great way to find someone who is helpful and encouraging is by asking your friends because they will be able to give an honest opinion about their experiences with different people. The person you choose must have patience, skills, and versatility when it comes to teaching. 

Also, try to avoid teachers who rely too much on music theory because that won't help improve your playing in the long run. Use YouTube or online lessons if you can't afford private lessons at this point. 

Getting rid of bad habits

When people start learning how to play the electric guitar they usually struggle with certain techniques or sounds that just don't work. When this happens then many players tend to ignore these problems and hope they go away on their own, but usually, the bad habits just get worse

The best way to fix this is by checking out an online video about good playing techniques because most people learn faster when seeing someone else perform. It may take some time but once your bad habits are gone then your overall sound will improve.

Learn slowly

Another common mistake is thinking that it's necessary to learn certain songs quickly to move on. This won't work because you're not taking the time to stop, listen, and analyze what you are doing wrong. You also need to understand how each piece of the song works rather than just memorizing the right notes in the right places. Learning slowly will help you master your playing much better instead of trying to cram everything in one sitting to get it over with. 

Be patient and make sure you avoid making mistakes when learning new songs.

Have fun

There's nothing like guitar heroes but make sure you don't idolize them too much and start imitating their sound and techniques. You need to be yourself and have fun playing because you'll enjoy learning more if you know it's not a chore. Once you realize that music is made to be enjoyed you will become a better musician and person overall. It's always important to stay positive when learning a new instrument. If you don't know something then try asking someone at your music store or through online forums. 

There are countless helpful resources out there so take advantage of them and never feel like giving up because that will just make things even harder for you in the future. If you can get over not being good right away then you'll be able to focus on progressing and getting stronger as a musician rather than dwelling on mistakes from the past.

Take breaks

When people practice they tend to focus for long periods without stopping because they want to finish their lesson or song as soon as possible, but this can be bad for your playing. It's important to take breaks every now and then, usually after 30 minutes or so, because this gives you time to clear your head and relax to come back refreshed and ready to play again. This also helps with hand-eye coordination and muscle memory since it's like lifting weights at the gym except without getting up from the chair.

No one becomes a great electric guitarist overnight. It takes lots of practice, patience, and determination to achieve this level of mastery. With the right mindset and these helpful tips, you can slowly but surely improve your skills and techniques until you're playing like your guitar heroes. Remember to have fun while learning and don't get discouraged if things don't go perfectly. Take breaks often, focus on practicing correctly rather than quickly, and get rid of any bad habits that may be holding you back. If you keep working on it then you'll be shredding those solos in no time.

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