How To Stay Comfortable During Your Call Center Shift

How To Stay Comfortable During Your Call Center Shift

How To Stay Comfortable During Your Call Center Shift

Work is an essential part of life. Pursuing a career allows you to earn revenue, and you may also receive health care benefits through your employer. Call centers are a great career option for people with excellent communication skills. Companies use inbound call centers to take client orders and provide support. Staff at outbound call centers schedule appointments, follow up on overdue bills, or promote goods and services to existing or potential clients. Let's look at some tips you can use to stay comfortable when working in a call center.

Pursue remote work opportunities.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many companies to embrace remote work. Employees working for a virtual call center benefit from remote call center software enabling system access from home. These employees can receive phone calls, text messages, emails, video calls, and other communications from clients. They can use the system software to initiate communications via these communication platforms. Call center software allows remote agents to connect to contact center desktops, ensuring they have access to client data and can update records from any location. Call center supervisors use the software to monitor omnichannel interactions, ensuring call center agents provide exceptional customer service.

Purchase an ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic chairs are chairs designed to suit the user's physical needs. Using an ergonomic chair increases your comfort, which increases your productivity. It also reduces medical expenses and sick leave because ergonomic chairs promote proper posture, reducing back pain. You can use the armrests to prevent arm and wrist strain, which may alleviate or prevent symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). High-quality ergonomic chairs feature breathable materials that help you regulate your body temperature, ensuring you don't overheat during your shift.

Stand while working.

Standing desks include fixed and adjustable work surfaces. Fixed standing surfaces are always used while standing. Adjustable desks allow you to raise and lower your work surface so you can work while standing or sitting. Sitting for extended periods can cause back and neck pain. Spending a lot of time sitting also increases your risk of severe health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. You may also enjoy higher energy levels if you spend part or all of your shift using a standing desk.

Use wrist rests or slanted work surfaces.

Wrist rests are tools designed to support your wrists while typing or using a mouse. Without a wrist rest, you may spend hours each day bending your wrists up to type on your keyboard. The wrist rests enable you to keep your arms straight, reducing the strain on your wrists. Alternatively, using a table with a negative tilt will prevent arm strain.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Working from home offers the option of wearing loose-fitting clothes, including sweats and pajamas so keep this in mind if your job is remote. If you work in an office, restrictive clothes can increase your discomfort and make you overheat, which is why it's better to emphasize comfort over fashion if you have the option. You can opt to wear relaxed dress pants and dress shirts or sweaters if you commute to work.

Add houseplants to your workstation.

English ivy, peace lilies, spider plants, snake plants, bamboo palms, and ferns are great options for your workspace because they reduce carbon monoxide levels and extract formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Houseplants can make you more productive, reduce your stress levels, increase your pain tolerance, and prevent headaches. Consequently, having houseplants in your workspace can help keep you comfortable at work.

Staying comfortable at work can increase your productivity levels and work enjoyment. Adjusting your work environment and wearing suitable clothes can increase your comfort during shifts at your call center.