How To Prepare for a First Date

How To Prepare for a First Date

How To Prepare for a First Date

Preparing for and anticipating a first date can be nearly as fun as going on the date itself. If you're getting back into the world of dating or are a seasoned single experienced in the dating pool, there are a few things you'll want to consider before meeting up with your next first date. For a brief checklist of things to do before locking in those final plans, read on.

Protecting Yourself

Regardless of whether you've met the person you'll be meeting on the internet or in person, it's always a good idea to know exactly who you're dating. One great way to be sure that the person you'll be meeting is a safe match for you is through a true people search where you can get public information as easily as providing some basic information on your potential date. From criminal records and court cases to family members and other important information, using a people search program to learn about your date ahead of time is a good way to ensure your chance of being safe.

Not only can a search tell you if the person you're dating has a criminal background or skeletons in their past, but it can also help you to feel rest assured that they've been honest with you. Remember, just because someone's background isn't spotless, it doesn't mean they're necessarily someone to stay away from. Instead, being able to have open conversations with the person you'll be dating is important. While everyone has a past, what matters most is that the person you're meeting is up front with you about any questions you might have.

Feeling Confident

In the same way you'll want to feel confident about the person you're meeting, it's important to have that same self-assuredness for yourself. Whether this means buying that new perfect pair of skinny jeans or spending extra time on your hair or makeup, doing what you can to make yourself feel at your best is a great way to go into a first date. With that said, be sure to remember that a first date is also the first impression. Do what you can to stay true to yourself while looking your best. Now isn't the time to experiment with styles or outfits, as you'll want to feel most confident during those first awkward moments. As you plan that date outfit, be sure to find something that represents you best while putting a little extra effort into it.

Being Open-Minded While Being Authentic

Just like being your authentic self is important on a first date, it's okay to expect the same in your potential partner. As you go into your date, remind yourself to be open-minded about differences you may have, as you might be surprised to learn just how well matched you are with a person you might not have considered before. It's okay to have different opinions, styles, dreams, and goals if you're both willing to communicate and be accepting. When in doubt, have transparent conversations.

As you plan the final details of your first meeting, do so while paying attention to self-care needs for you and your partner. Tiny details like dietary needs or even safety concerns are things to discuss before agreeing to meet.

At the end of the day, you'll increase your odds of a better first date if you take the time to plan things out ahead of time. Whether your hope is to meet your next partner or you're just looking to try something new, taking these steps before your first date is a great way to start off on the right foot. Best of luck to you as you dip your toe into the dating pool! Don't forget to be authentically you.