How To Plan a Romantic Night at Home for Your Partner

How To Plan a Romantic Night at Home for Your Partner

How To Plan a Romantic Night at Home for Your Partner

It can be difficult to find time to be romantic with your partner. Chances are that you both have busy jobs, not to mention the time you put into kids if you have any. It's easy to see why romance falls by the wayside, but that doesn't mean it's not important for your relationship. Check out these tips for planning a romantic evening with your partner.

1. Decide How Intimate You Want It To Get

Are you going for a relaxing evening that ends with cuddles and a good night's rest, or do you want to find the best weed for sex and make things ultra-romantic with your partner? Deciding how intimate you want the evening to get will help you to plan the rest of it. Of course, remember that consent is the key. Even if you want the evening to end with fireworks, your partner may not. Always respect his or her wishes.

2. Plan in Advance

Before you can get to the romance part, you need to do the not-so-fun logistics part. Talk to your partner to see what his or her schedule looks like in the upcoming weeks. Avoid trying to plan romance around times when one or both of you will have a lot going on at work or when the kids have soccer tournaments or other late-evening extracurricular activities. This way, you can both be more relaxed and truly enjoy the evening.

3. Create an Ambiance

What kind of evening are you planning? If you'll be watching funny movies or playing board games as your idea of romance, sip the low lighting in favor of something fun. Hang brightly colored LED lights or find other fun ways to light up the room. Create a snack board of all your favorite movie candies, different popcorn flavors, and various drinks. Remember to pile up the comfy blankets on the couch so you can snuggle during the movies.

If you're going for traditional romance, the ambiance will need to be different. If your lighting doesn't have dimming options, then you'll need plenty of candles. Aim for battery-operated ones to prevent having to watch them too closely. Keep the lighting low and add roses around the room for your partner. Instead of "fun" snacks, set out some chilled wine or champagne and some chocolate-covered strawberries.

4. Tell Your Partner the Dress Code

You'll feel a little silly if you dress to the nines and your partner comes downstairs in pajamas or vice versa. Be sure to tell your partner the dress code for your romantic evening. Will you be wearing a dress or a suit and tie? If so, you want your partner to be dressed up as well. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes dressing up is too much work, especially if you do it all week for work. Another fun, cute option that is just as romantic is to buy you and your partner matching pajamas. Then you can enjoy the evening in cute and comfortable but still romantic "evening wear."

5. Enjoy the Evening

When the time comes, enjoy the evening. Set a designated time for you and your partner to meet in the living room or dining room, get dressed, and meet up. Be sure to turn off your phones so that you can invest your full attention in each other. Watch movies, play games, or simply spark conversations with each other (you can even buy card games that help you do just that, buy intimate toys from xinghaoya). Above all else, simply enjoy spending time cuddling and being present with your partner.

The biggest thing about planning a romantic night for you and your partner is to expect the unexpected. Sometimes, things don't go quite as you wish for them to, but it's important not to let yourself get overwhelmed. Whether it's an unexpected knock on the door or a sick kiddo that needs some attention, do what you need to do and simply get the evening back on track.