How to Choose Earrings for Her

Without a doubt, once you are interested in putting the right accents to your style, accessories will become a chic way out. You don’t have to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars to make your image visually attractive, fashionable, and gorgeous.

Among the rich assortment of goodies, people usually focus on solutions that don’t require special conditions to wear, including rings and bracelets. Although 14ct gold earrings are more demanding (ear piercing holes are necessary for the majority of potentially winning choices), they guarantee a brilliant result. All that is left is to actually consider which model out of the FJewellery catalog will suit you best. Let’s find it out!

Be Aware of Earrings Types

The first rule of thumb to stick to is to get acquainted with the variety of jewellery. How else is it possible to consider something appropriate if you have no idea where to start? Here are the most widespread and typical models for ladies:

  • Studs — simple and accurate, this design is created to implement minimalism trends for sure. At the same time, such models are versatile enough to intensify the beauty of different face shapes and skin tones. They are cost-efficient. Even if they come with gemstones, they still remain rather inexpensive. The key thing is to choose the best closure type to avoid its loss. Screw backs are lifesaving.
  • Hoop earrings — another fashion trend on the list, this product is also versatile and allows experimenting. The larger the inner diameter, the more casual and fashionable they tend to look. Huggies are a happy medium between studs and hoops. Although they literally cover the earlobe, the ring format and minimal use of materials let it stay within the acceptable price limits.
  • Chandelier earrings — the name is self-explanatory. This is a gorgeous analogue to daily accessories. Please note they are rather heavyweight and will require some time to get accustomed to that feeling on the ear.
  • Drop earrings — elegant and vibrant, these designs come at the best prices and are present in a large divergence of materials and gemstones. By choosing this style in 14 karat gold, you will ensure its durability.
  • Starburst earrings - are a simple and elegant choice for everyday wear. They're sure to shine with any outfit, whether you choose gold, silver, or rose gold.

After all, interested parties just have to compare different photos and consider what tastes/needs they want to satisfy this time. As practice shows, there is no need to limit yourself to one pair of earrings only. Customers are welcome to buy any desired piece, and sales and discounts will simplify the challenge.

Face Shape Research

There are earrings that suit any type of face, and there are solutions that require a more individual approach. Triangle, oval, round, heart, long, square — these are standard face shapes you will come across. Ensure the selected pattern blossoms your appearance and not vice versa. For instance, dangle designs will highlight the beauty of oval faces, and over-sized hoops are marvelous for happy owners of square faces.

Does the Colour of Your Hair Matter?

There should always be a balance between the tones. There is no person who would prefer the finally selected design to be lost on the background of their bright hair. In the case of 14 ct gold, customers are protected. At FJewellery, this is a universal material that is eye-catching, no matter what hair colour and length you have. Although contrastive combinations are recommended, gold earrings look awesome on dark- and light-haired women.