Floral fabrics a must for every season

Floral fabrics a must for every season


Spring has always been a symbol of rebirth. And what better metaphor to mark the rebirth of the spring-summer collections than that of floral prints? Year after year, fashion houses continue to offer floral-patterned fabrics, audacious and romantic at the same time. 

Who of us doesn’t have at least one flower-patterned shirt in their wardrobe which they can’t wait to put on? This annual appointment is the perfect excuse to bring these garments which we have kept at the back of the wardrobe back into fashion.

Whether they are designs full of tiny flowers or a single enormous lily which wraps itself around the fabric, floral-patterned textiles are once again the absolute stars of summer.


Every year, as soon as the sun peeks out from the clouds, shop windows fill up with fabrics with multi-coloured flowers, leaves, and palms. Mainly linked to womenswear, floral fabrics make it possible to play endlessly with colours and styles. Each season is slightly different from the previous one, but there is no doubt that floral fabrics are the leitmotiv of our outfits throughout the summer. 

When we think of floral fabrics, a thousand different prints come to our minds. This type of pattern lets stylists play with their creativity in a wide range of ways. Some, for example, blend different styles and prints, while others mix the brightest colour palettes of the season with lighter and more romantic palettes. There is only one rule: be brave and have no limits.


Among floral-patterned fabrics, the designs range from the most classic motifs consisting of small flowers in soft tones which fade into coloured backgrounds to much more incisive patterns characterised by large, detailed flowers, such as irises or lilies which float on bold and bright colours.

Floral fabrics have always been a symbol of romanticism and elegance. Small flowers, with their minute details such as daisies, are a symbol of beauty rediscovered in the minutiae of our everyday life.

Among the most fashionable fabrics with romantic flowers are watercolour designs, a must-have for the summer, followed by prints of exotic flowers which convey elegance and refinement.

These romantic fabrics for womenswear are fresh and summery and above all versatile. They can be adapted for every occasion, even the most formal. Moreover, floral fabrics for sheath dresses or shirts speak for themselves: they are the so-called statement piece which will help transform the outfit without using other accessories.


These floral-patterned fabrics scream a combination of audacity and femininity, but above all they bring to mind the so-called longing for spring. And with the arrival of the good weather who doesn’t need some colour and creativity in their look?

For more specific information, please refer to the detailed article on CARNET AND THE FLORAL PRINTS OF ITS FABRICS” by Carnet, one of the biggest players in the manufacture of luxury fabrics and accessories.