7 Spring Cleaning And Decluttering Tips

7 Spring Cleaning And Decluttering Tips

 7 Spring Cleaning And Decluttering Tips

Spring cleaning is not as cheerful as it sounds. When spring rolls around all I want to do is bask in the sun. But spring cleaning is something we all must do to get rid of all the dust and darkness that winter leaves behind.

Cleaning during springtime is something that no one likes to do. Do you want to know all about the best spring-cleaning hacks? Here, Glimmr cleaning has shared 7 spring cleaning and decluttering tips that will make your life easier.

Make a list

The first thing that one should do during any cleaning journey is make a list. It would help write down the things you missed during your last cleaning on your list. For example, if you did not clean out your garage, start with it this time.

List simple things, and do not go overboard with the list. Try to keep the list as simple as possible to do things quickly.

Start with one room at a time

Often people do not understand where they should start cleaning from. This is because you should start from the room you think needs more attention. 

If there are any cobwebs, remove them, or if you want, you can paint the ceiling. Work from the top so that you will not have to clean the floors again and again. 

Once you start cleaning a room, finish cleaning and organizing it before moving to another room.

Declutter and organize

Decluttering can be quite satisfying if you know how to do it. This step is one of the essential steps in our 7 Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Tips.

You should divide your items into three groups: keep, donate, or trash. Check the items carefully and think about whether you need them or not before you decide to donate them or throw them away.

Many people start by decluttering their bathrooms or their kitchens. 

Air out your house

During the spring season, people face allergic problems. As the air is brimming with pollen and dust, people can't help but sneeze all day.

Everyone knows that winter is the dusty season. So, you must clean the air filters and HVAC system of your house.

Dust everything

When you start spring cleaning, you will find dust everywhere. Dust your kitchen tops and mantles with a microfiber cloth so that it traps the dust efficiently.

Do not forget about your carpet. Carpets hold a lot of dust, so make sure you vacuum them properly.

Wash your windows and walls

Before you think about throwing open your windows to let the spring air come into your house, clean your windows. Wipe your windows and clean with soap and water. Clean the net as well. 

Wear protective clothing

Dusting and cleaning can take hours. You should wear the proper clothing so that you do not get sick. It is always a good idea to wear masks or gloves to protect you.