6 Essential Items To Keep in Your Bag on Vacation

6 Essential Items To Keep in Your Bag on Vacation

6 Essential Items To Keep in Your Bag on Vacation

Do you have a vacation coming up? Before you board your plane, take the time to check your bag to ensure you have the essentials. These are items that will make your travel easier and safer, whether you are traveling somewhere international or domestic.

Key Items

No matter where you are going, there is a list you need to memorize: wallet, cell phone and keys. These three items are your main essentials, everything else you can replace if necessary. Your wallet should have your valid ID, a small amount of cash and your credit cards. Be sure to review boarding requirements for travel and your ID. Real IDs are becoming mandatory for domestic travel, and your passport should have a minimum number of months left to enter a new country. Check your cell phone and make sure it is fully charged. Finally, have your keys stored in a safe but easy-to-access location so you can grab them quickly when you return.

Sanitary Measures

There are no two ways about it: traveling is a dirty experience. Airlines have upped their cleaning protocols, but that does not mean you should ease up on being careful. You never know who sat in your seat before you, and you definitely do not know what they did in it. Take the time to build a travel sanitizing kit. Your kit needs to include hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, gloves and tissues. Remember, your hand sanitizer must be TSA compliant to get through security. Your sanitizing wipe pack should have enough in it for you to give a quick wipe down to the dirtiest spots on the plane. Gloves are handy when you can't help but touch a dirty surface. And the tissues are for comfort, just in case you need them.

Face Care

Traveling can do a number to your skin between the dry air on flights and new climates you need to be prepared. As you pack your bag, review your skincare and pack the essentials. Your list should include a moisturizer, sunscreen and lip care, remembering that these should all be in a travel size if going in your carry-on. You have a few moisturizer options, including various creams and sprays, which are more convenient for quick application when traveling. Your sunscreen needs to give you the coverage you need and be reapplied as required by the label. Finally, pick a good lip care product such as a circle lip balm to keep your lips healthy throughout your vacation.

Charging Tools

The next item on this list may be one of the most obvious while also being the easiest to forget: a means to charge your devices. When packing your carry-on, be sure to include your phone and laptop chargers. You may want to bring an extra charging cable for your phone. In some cases, a cord that works with a USB socket may be your only option at your destination. Depending on where you are going, there are different plug and socket types. Make sure to pack a converter that works in the country you are visiting. Additionally, take the time to check the voltage requirements as well, as some countries use different standards, and you may need a converter.

Privacy Measures

Privacy on a plane is hard to come by, and unless you prepare in advance, you probably won’t have much of it. Before you head out on your next trip, prepare a few privacy measures to guarantee you a quiet and peaceful flight. Start by picking a good set of headphones. These should be noise-canceling and connect easily to either your entertainment device or the onboard entertainment system. A good eye mask can go a long way in letting you get restful sleep while traveling. Just having headphones may not be enough for privacy; take the time to download a few TV shows or movies to ensure you are covered throughout your trip. This step will help you avoid conversations with strangers and keep you entertained.

COVID Precautions

Finally, pack some COVID measures. While governments around the globe are changing policies, being prepared is more necessary than ever. Start with face masks that you find comfortable. While some countries are scrapping mask mandates, it is always best to have a couple in your bag that you are used to wearing. In addition, if you are vaccinated, pack your CDC vaccine card and a picture of it to use as your pass. If you are not vaccinated, take the time to find out where to get tests done at your destination. Local US embassies usually maintain a list of testing locations, if necessary. No matter where you go, it is worth having a few protective items with you in case any regulations change during your vacation.

Wherever you go, wherever you go, take the time to pack these essentials to guarantee an easy, stress-free trip. Happy travels!