6 Best Places To Go In Florida With Your Kids In Summer

6 Best Places To Go In Florida With Your Kids In Summer

6 Best Places To Go In Florida With Your Kids In Summer

As humankind hopes for better days, you can join them and think that the following summer would be different. Well, if you skipped travel in both 2020 and 21 due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year, you should opt for a change. Here, I would share some fabulous places in Florida where you can visit during the summer vacation. 

Take your kids along with you to these places and have a blast. Remember that the summers in Florida are pleasant, and it attracts people from different corners of the globe. So, it would always be a bold decision to plan things up early. 

Best Places To Visit In Florida During Summer Vacation

Florida is one of the most happening states in the US. It has an outstanding coastline of the North Atlantic Ocean with several picturesque beaches. Moreover, this state consists of some beautiful cities that attract tourists. Have a look at the list below to choose the best place to visit next summer with your family. 

1. Miami

Well, Miami is not only about fantastic nightlife and people with a hot fashion sense. It can provide a lot of things to families with kids and teens. You can indulge in the unique Cuban culture of the city with your kids.

Make sure you visit Little Havana to witness the exotic street art. It is full of open-air museums, and you can expect the kids to have a good time. Moreover, you can visit the Monkey Jungle and Seaquarium. 

In the Monkey jungle, you can hand-feed different species of monkeys. On the other hand, the Seaquarium can give you a chance to witness the outstanding marine habitat.

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2. Northwest Florida

The Northwestern Part of Florida coasts the Gulf of Mexico, and it remains less crowded during the summer. So, you can visit this place with your family if you need a peaceful getaway. The best thing to witness at this place is the white sand beach. The entire beach stretch is covered with white sand to have a beach walk. 

Also, you can find some outstanding resorts in this place. So, it would be easier for you to indulge in the local culture. Do not forget to observe the lifestyle of the Pensacola communities as you visit Northwest Florida. 

You can even show your children the places with historical importance in Northwest Florida. Some cities that you must keep in mind are Panama City and Destin. You can also visit Navarre Beach which is close to Northwest Florida. 

3. Fort Lauderdale

The abundance of beautiful canals in the entire area of Fort Lauderdale makes it the Venice of the US. It is yet another famous summer vacation destination in Florida. Here, you can take a cruise ride in the mega-yachts and witness the mansions. 

Expect your children to have great fun during the yacht ride. However, all you need to hope for is the weather to stay sunny. If you desire your children to have some extra fun, arrange a ride on the Bluefoot Pirate Adventures Boat. 

Fort Lauderdale also acts as a paradise for shoppers. The place is full of boutiques and stationery shops from where you can buy your souvenirs for the trip. Nevertheless, remember not to shop much if you are on a budget trip. 

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4. Florida Everglades National Park

The Florida Everglades National Park can be the best destination for your family vacation if you are outdoorsy. This place can provide you with multiple opportunities to indulge in unique activities. You can have a picnic in the national park and search for the Florida Panther. 

Moreover, there are regular water boat ride sessions that you can be a part of. This would be an outstanding experience as you can touch the exciting depths of the park where not many people reach. 

Another activity that the Everglades National Park enables you to do is a bicycle. You can bicycle through the woodsy trails of the park along with your partner and children. However, avoid visiting this place with little kids as things might turn bad. 

5. Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County can be that fancy summer vacation destination for your family. This place is full of amusement. You can chill out at this place with your partner, eating and drinking in the cafe. On the other hand, your children can have fun in the picturesque gardens everywhere in the county. 

Moreover, to get a touch of uniqueness, you can take your little ones to the Morikami Japanese Gardens. Palm Beach County can also be a paradise for children who love water sports. You can escort your kids to the waterslides. Furthermore, you can also go for an activity at Shark Wake Park 561. 

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6. Tampa Bay

You can consider Tampa Bay as the counterpart of Miami City. This place can be your right choice if you are out for your children. It is located on the Gulf Coast, and you can visit the city of Madeira. At Madeira, you can find the John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk.

The entire boardwalk is covered with a childrens’ park, and you can have a blast with your child there. Yet another place you can visit in Tampa Bay is the Busch Gardens. There are several amusement park rides in the Busch Gardens and animal attractions. You can expect to click a photo with a wild animal here.

Finally, during summer, you can check out any baseball games. If people are not into many movements, purchase tickets for the game and have a good time. Well, you can buy some hot dogs and cold drinks before the commencement of the game. 

Final Words

Summer vacation trips in Florida had much hype during the pre-covid era. However, things have pretty much changed now. You should always confirm your fitness before going out for a trip. Carry the negative report for Covid and maintain all guidelines for traveling. Remember to start over again and enjoy life with hope and fun. 

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