5 Ways To Quit Smoking for Good

5 Ways To Quit Smoking for Good

5 Ways To Quit Smoking for Good

Making a commitment to stop smoking is a big step in a positive direction for your health. Smoking isn't just bad for you and everyone around you, but it stinks. The smell lingers on you and the environment in which you were puffing. Anyone who has ever quit smoking has found relief in knowing they no longer have to worry about the reek of tightly packed chemicals in one cigarette haunting them for the rest of the day.

The world knows quitting for good is hard, and everyone wants to see you succeed. If you find things getting difficult, you may just need to try a different approach. Here are 5 proven ways to quit smoking for good. 

Cessation Patches

Transdermal patches have been around for years, but not all transdermal patches are created equal. If you've tried patches in the past without success, try the Thrive patch. You may have a better outcome. 

The key to using any patch on your skin to aid in stopping nicotine cravings is to use it as the manufacturer has recommended. If you use the patch at your own discretion, such as when you leave the house, you're not allowing the patch to perform to its potential. 

Alcohol Avoidance

For many smokers, drinking a beer or other alcoholic beverage naturally goes hand in hand with smoking cigarettes. Since there is such a strong association between the two, during the first few weeks that you're trying to quit smoking, it might benefit you to avoid alcohol as well. 

It doesn't have to be alcohol. You could have another habit that you do when you're smoking. If you smoke when you read, try replacing the cigarette with something else you can chew on while reading, like a stick of celery or pretzels. 

Rid Yourself of Reminders

You need to remove all memories of cigarettes from your home and office. Wash all your jackets, and if you smoked inside, wash or paint your walls. Everything absorbs the smell of nicotine, and if you've been out all day but come home to the smell of it, your cravings will start again. 

Don't save any ashtrays. Toss them or donate them, but don't keep anything that suggests you might plan to start back up again. 

Replace Your Habit

The oral fixation will linger. There will be an urge to bring your fingers to your mouth for that feeling of instant satisfaction. To curb this desire, your bad habit should be replaced with a good habit as soon as possible. Every time you feel like having a cigarette, take a walk instead. Or, do 100 jumping jacks. The exercise will not only lessen your cravings, but it becomes a healthier association for that feeling of desire you once had for cigarettes. 

Reward Yourself

Every time you bought a pack of cigarettes you were spending money. Cigarettes aren't cheap, so it's likely you were spending a nice sum of money. Now that you aren't buying cigarettes, put the money you're saving in a piggy bank each week. After a few weeks, see how much money you saved not buying cigarettes.

How can you reward yourself in a positive way with that same sum of money? Think of spending it on something good for you, since all these years that same budget was spent wrecking your health. Everyone knows vacations are good for your mental health, but it's your call. 

Quitting smoking is a process, and it doesn't always happen in one day. Just because someone you know was able to quit cold turkey doesn't mean that's the right method for you. What's important in your quest to quit is that you don't give up. Expect that you'll have setbacks, but also expect that you'll still be in the fight to regain not only your health but your freedom. Smoking is a leash, and once you break free, you'll never go back.