5 Tips for Getting Better Posture

5 Tips for Getting Better Posture

Having good posture has lifelong benefits. It aids against back pain, reduces your chances medical issues, and boosts your energy. But achieving good posture isn't always easy, particularly after years of slouching.

Thankfully, it's never too late to make a change. To help, we share five of our top tips on how to start to achieve better posture.

1. Find a Properly Fitting Bra

One of the first things to check is that you are wearing a properly fitting bra. This is because poorly fitted bras cause both backache and muscle tension. With the wrong bra, your body has to hold itself in a particular way to counterbalance it. Instead of supporting your chest, a poorly fitting bra can strain your muscles.

To get a properly fitted bra, you can go into stores and have someone measure you or use video guides online. When you feel confident about the size you need, high-quality, comfortable bras like those from HSIA Bra will give you the best results.

2. Make Sure Your Computer Is at the Right Height

One of the most significant issues of working from a desk is that we spend so much of the day peering down at our computer screens. This means that our necks and backs are hunched over for at least a third of the day, sometimes longer.

To counterbalance this, try adjusting the height of your desk so that you are looking at your computer straight on. There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Buying sit-stand desks that include a variety of heights and adjust to your perfect setting.
  • Get an adjustable chair that brings you to the correct size relative to your computer.
  • Add a computer stand. These go on top of your desk and are similar to standing desks but often more affordable.

Whatever your method, you should start to feel the benefits to your posture once you stop straining and hunching at your desk.

3. Stretch Out Regularly

Whether you do yoga, pilates, or stretch for 5-10 minutes a day, regularly stretching can significantly improve your posture. This is because stretching relieves tension in your body, aids blood flow, and restores muscle function.

One of the issues of working at a desk is that your body becomes stiff, and, over time, your muscles contract. By stretching, you are forcing your body to elongate while releasing tightness.

4. Consciously Work to Sit and Stand Up Straight

After a while, bad posture becomes a habit. The more you slouch, the more comfortable and natural it feels to slouch. And when most of us spend too much time sitting, we have plenty of time to form this bad habit. 

To counter this, check in with yourself regularly and note how you're holding yourself. When you start slouching, try and force yourself to sit up straight.

5. Do Back Exercises

We often focus on our arms, abs, legs, and bum when we're working out. Backs are often forgotten, but they shouldn't be! Having a strong back is one of the easiest ways to achieve good posture. Slouching only feels good because the back muscles aren't strong enough to support good posture.

So next time you exercise, add a few strengthening exercises for your back, like supermans and bridges. 

Stand Taller

By adopting these five tips, you should feel the benefits to your posture in no time. With a few changes to your daily routine, stranding and sitting up straight will become more natural to you. So don't settle for a bad back — commit to your long-term health by taking action to improve your posture.