5 Benefits Of Using Exercise Bikes For Weight Loss

5 Benefits Of Using Exercise Bikes For Weight Loss

5 Benefits Of Using Exercise Bikes For Weight Loss

Riding an exercise bike effectively burns body fat while strengthening your muscles, heart, and lungs. In comparison to other types of cardio equipment, the bike places less pressure on the joints while providing a fantastic cardiovascular workout.

Continue reading to learn about the advantages of bikes to achieve your weight loss goals. 


It Gets Well Along With Diet and Burn Calories

Calories are required for the proper functioning of your body. Calorie’s fuel everything your body does, from sprinting and jumping to blinking and even just breathing. Additionally, it determines whether you will gain, reduce, or keep your current weight.

Everyone uses and burns a specific number of calories to function normally  each day, based on characteristics such as gender and age.

Your maintenance calories are the number of calories you need to consume in order to function normally and maintain your current weight, i.e., it will remain constant.

Now, in order to lose weight, a calorie deficit is necessary. This means that you must consume fewer calories than your body requires. Therefore, if your maintenance caloric intake is 2000 per day, a sustainable caloric deficit may require you to consume only approximately 1500-1700 calories[1].

So where does the exercise bike fit in? To be sure, one approach to creating a calorie deficit is to exercise. Exercising burns calories, and thus contributes to the deficit required to reduce weight.

According to a 2010 study Indoor cycling, combined with a low-calorie diet, was found to be helpful in decreasing body fat and weight   It also was an excellent choice to reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels. In this research, subjects consumed 1200 calories each day and cycled for 45 minutes for 12 weeks[2].


A Convenient Solution For Weight Loss 

The best feature of an exercise bike is that it may be used wherever and anywhere you want. Who cares if the weather outside is too cold, too rainy, or too hot? 

You may keep a recumbent bike in your home patio, bedroom, or office which allows you to exercise before breakfast, after dinner, or during a work break and you can happily lose weight. 

Additionally, while on your machine, you may read the newspaper, catch up on your favorite television shows, read a book, or keep an eye on your little children and still can lose weight by peddling on the bike.


Has intensity control features

Bikes come with intensity control features, you can increase or decrease intensity according to your need and choice.

The number of calories burned during an exercise depends on the intensity at which you train, the duration of your ride, and other personal characteristics such as your weight. For example, according to the Harvard Health publishing:  A 155-pound person cycles for 30 minutes at a moderate intensity can burn 260 calories

Similarly, a person weighing 125 pounds can burn 211 calories at the same intensity and time. Additionally, A 185-pound individual may burn 311 calories in the same amount of time and intensity.

You can increase the caloric burn by increasing the intensity, but as you can see, even at acceptable rates, you're well on your way to establishing or contributing to a calorie deficit (coupled with good nutritional choices).

Exercising at a high intensity for a short time period allows you to work out for a short duration and go on with your day.

High-intensity training can increase lower body and leg strength, especially if you pedal with high intensity. It can also strengthen the muscles of your core, back, and glutes[3].

On the other hand, exercising on a stationary bike for a short duration develops stamina and endurance[4]

But bear in mind that the more intense your workout is, the more calories you will burn.


Provides a Low-Impact Workout

Exercise bike provides a “low-impact” workout. This means that workout performed on a stationary bike is a type of low-impact exercise that relies on smooth movements to strengthen joints and bones without putting them under excessive strain. This makes it an excellent workout alternative for individuals who have joint problems or injuries.

When you jump, jog run or perform other high-impact aerobic workouts, your joints including ankles, knees and hips, can be put under great stress.

Because your feet do not leave the pedals, a stationary bike is gentler on your joints while still providing a demanding and effective workout for weight loss.

So, it is safe to assume that a stationary bike workout is perfect if you dislike or struggle with high-impact cardio activities such as running.

According to Harvard experts, riding a stationary bike is a low-impact workout that is gentle on the joints, making it suitable for persons who have knee or hip problems or are recovering from orthopedic injuries and still want to stay fit and lose weight.


A Safe Choice For Weight Loss

Cycling outdoors can be an excellent choice for weight loss but it has its own risks including distracted drivers, poor visibility, and slippery or uneven road surfaces[5].  

Additionally, you may be discouraged from cycling outside if the weather is excessively hot and humid or too cold and snowy. Additionally, it might not be the best choice to go on the road alone and cycle for an hour in order to lose weight.

Cycling on the road has its own perks and risks while during indoor cycling You are not restricted by traffic or road conditions. Any season of the year, you can exercise safely while maintaining a comfortable body temperature, work out according to your capability, and can lose weight.



Exercise bikes are beneficial for weight loss and help you achieve or sustain a calorie deficit. It's a handy gadget that not only takes up little space but also performs excellently without consuming too much of your time. If you want to reduce weight, consider using an exercise bike.

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