4 Ways To Design Announcement Cards for Graduation

4 Ways To Design Announcement Cards for Graduation

4 Ways To Design Announcement Cards for Graduation

It's an exciting time for you and your family as your teenager graduates high school, or you welcome a new college grad home. You want to share the amazing news with your friends and loved ones. While you could take to social media to make the graduation announcement, it will just get lost in a stack of photos of people's dogs and their brunch. A graduation announcement card will make sure that this special moment gets the attention that it deserves. Here are just some of the ways you can design these cards to attract eyes immediately.

Custom Templates

When exploring the marketplace for announcement cards for graduation, you want to make sure that sharing your grad's achievements gets the attention that it deserves. You may feel like the right card isn't out there, so it's best to design it yourself from scratch. Personalized graduation announcements celebrate this tremendous accomplishment while making a lasting impression that excites and inspires.

You could opt for photo cards with foil typography that stand out when the recipient receives them while making for a perfect way for moms and dads to express pride in their graduate. You could even look into holographic thank you cards for attendees of a graduation ceremony or party, shiny and sparkly. You could even mark the huge milestone with personal greetings, special stickers, or even a funny quote to celebrate the moment.

Tailor-Made Traditional Design

Magnetic graduation announcements always stand out, mainly because they stick around on the fridge for years after a high school or college student gets their diploma. Everyone needs a magnet, so a single photo or collage with a spectacular font will find its way onto the refrigerator or file cabinet. It can also be an opportune time to reflect on the graduate's personality. The big day deserves to be honored in the best way and, while you may not want to rely on your designs, there are templates that are perfectly designed to be sent out to celebrate the moment. Make sure that a grad announcement gets not only the personal touch but the right format that it deserves.

Square-Shape Cards

You may want to opt against the traditional postcard-style graduation announcement that goes out to your friends and family and opt for something a little more contemporary. Square-shaped cards give your grad the recognition they deserve while adding an understated chic element that stands out when recipients get the envelope in the mail. You can even work with a company to get address levels made up to make things easier for sharing the good news. Plus, there is a direct correlation of shape between the mortarboard of graduation caps and the square-shaped graduation announcement card.

Round-Shaped Cards

Your grad is about to take the world by storm, so why not go with a round graduation announcement card to celebrate the biggest moment of your student's life? For some, graduation announcements are a starter business card to network in a professional realm. A professional, classy announcement card may be the perfect choice to not only share the news but help your college graduate let the working world know they are ready to get in the game.

There are many ways to make this graduation announcement pop and truly celebrate what your child has achieved. There's no need to limit your creativity, as moments like this make you just want to shout in the joy of the milestone from the highest peak. Your kid has worked hard to get to their graduation date, so it's a monumental occasion that deserves a monumental celebration.