4 Vital Safety Tips For Using Chemical Hair Dyes

4 Vital Safety Tips For Using Chemical Hair Dyes

4 Vital Safety Tips For Using Chemical Hair Dyes

A 2019 UK survey had 40% of respondents admitting to dyeing their hair monthly. Hair colouring is pretty common among the younger generation who also love fashion. Despite its popularity, especially among Gen Z, it is critical to consider some safety precautions when you decide to do so. Below is a list of some essential measures to take.

  • Do an allergy test

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First of all, because you will be using a chemical dye, it is recommended to carry out what is also known as the patch test. This is to test for any reaction your body may have with the product if used entirely on the hair. Indeed, some allergies may be mild and not cause much concern, but the most important thing is to be aware of how your body (hair in this case) would react. Hair Stylists recommend smearing a little of the product behind your ear to conduct an allergy test. You can also use it on the inside of your elbow.

For the best results and confirmation of any reaction, it is advisable to leave the product there for about forty-eight hours. Usually, a reaction may present as redness, rash, itchiness, or peeling skin in those test areas. Even in the salon, the hairstylist must carry out a patch test before the full colouring is done.

  • Scalp protection

If you did not react to the patch test, you might want to go ahead with the full hair colouration. However, your safety precaution does not end there. Usually, the hairstylist will use a petroleum-based product to protect your scalp. The petroleum product acts as a barrier between the scalp and the hair dye. Again, because it prevents the product from being absorbed into the scalp, it reduces any side effects from the hair dye.

It helps to remember that the scalp is home to your hair follicles and other sensitive structures supporting your strands. More importantly, it is home to blood vessels that feed nutrients to the hair and the brain. Therefore, you could suffer severe side effects if the hair dye seeps into your bloodstream. Thankfully, some hair products use eco ingredients that limit the harsh side effects of these colourants. Perhaps, brands like Joico could have what you're looking for.

  • Stick to the application time as indicated on the product

When relaxing your hair, stylists and manufacturers recommend not exceeding twenty minutes. In the same way, hair dyes have strict timelines as well. Thankfully, these instructions are spelt out on the product's label, making them not hard to miss. If you exceed the time indicated on the product, you could end up with damaged strands, dry, frizzy hair and, in extreme cases, hair loss.

  • Wear protective gloves

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If you're dying your hair, it is usually advisable to wear gloves to protect your fingers. Your hands can get stained with colours that may be hard to wash off until several days or weeks. If you're dyeing another person's hair, the gloves can also save you from skin irritation.

Last but not least, you will find it useful to nourish your hair frequently. This involves using hair moisturisers that offer additional nutrients and protection for your coloured strands.