4 Must visit places in Cancun

4 Must visit places in Cancun

4 Must visit places in Cancun

If you are thinking of visiting Mexico and wondering where in Mexico to visit, then Cancun should be top of your list. Cancun is one of the most popular destinations that many holidaymakers flock to year in year out. It is best known for the beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters as well as having entertaining nightlife. Not only that but it also has many ruins for you to explore as well as museums and dive spots. You’ll also find a whole array of luxury hotels to stay in including The Ocean Coral & Turquesa

To give you some more insight into Cancun, we have put together four must-visit places when travelling to Cancun on your holiday. 

Visiting Cancún's Beautiful Beaches

This has to be top of the list considering it’s one of the main reasons many travellers head to Cancun. You’ll find a whole plethora of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect for you to paddle in, dive in or simply admire whilst exploring Cancun. No matter what beach you decide to go to, you’ll want to bring your camera to capture some beautiful photos as well as bring your swim gear to sunbathe and relax. Remember to bring your sun cream as the temperature in Mexico can get very hot in the summer months. 

Explore the museums and ruins 

When visiting Cancun a trip to some of their museums and ruins is extremely fun and a great way to learn more about the area. From the Underwater Museum of Art, The Maya Museum to discovering El Rey Maya Ruins and the Mayan Ruins of Chichén Itzá, you’ll find a museum that will peak your interests. The underwater museum of art is particularly interesting as there are around 500 sculptures installed on the seabed for you to dive and explore. 

Visit Cancún's Interactive Aquarium

Cancun has many entertainment venues and one which you should include is a visit to Cancún's Interactive Aquarium. Here you will discover over 1,500 different types of species, have the chance to swim with dolphins, swim with other species in their aquarian tank and enjoy many educational videos, learning more about the wildlife that lives in our waters. It’s perfect for adults as well as children and makes for a great day out. 

A day trip to Xcaret 

As part of your trip to Cancun, you can’t avoid visiting Xcaret for the day. Xcaret is a water park in Cancun and Riviera Maya with over 50 natural and cultural attractions. It is ideal for a day out with your children or adults alike with so much to do for all ages. At Xcaret, you can explore a natural sanctuary, have fun with the water activities and visit Mexico's majestic paradise. 

Have you been on holiday to Cancun before? How did you find it and what was your favourite thing to do? Is there anything you would like to add to the above list? Let us know in the comment box below, our readers would love to hear from you.