10 Excellent Ways to Upgrade Your RV

10 Excellent Ways to Upgrade Your RV

10 Excellent Ways to Upgrade Your RV

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RVing is replete with fun, but there are endless possibilities that you can put to use to upgrade your comfort quotient. These are what we call RV upgrades!

While upgrades seem like adding swanky boots and luxurious interiors, it's a wrong perception. Upgrading your means to upgrade your daily RV experience. From your comfort at night to security on the go, there are multiple ways to ease your RV living and focus on the bigger picture of being a global traveler on the road.

Here are 10 awesome ways for upgrading your RV. Have a look!

1. Install Solar Panels


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Electric power is a luxury for RVers. Naturally, one of the most demanded upgrades for an RV is installing solar panels. Especially if you love boondocking, and staying away from the city confines, you’ll definitely need an endless source of power. 

If you worry about your budget, have a sigh of relief, as the solar panels come in a range of sizes. You’ll bless it whenever you’ll be on the road for longer durations.

2. Entertainment Gadgets

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Who says RVing means to give up your favorite sports? A powerful TV dish along with extra signal boosters will come to your rescue. You can also stay hooked to your favorite TV shows, reality shows and other sources of entertainment. Signal boosters will ensure that you stay connected with the world from any nook of the country. 

Apart from these, portable wifi will keep you even more connected to the world beyond your campsite. You’ll have a strong signal, and without the need to share it with others, as is the case with campsites. If you have a strong enough wifi, you may even skip the TV dish, and get yourself Netflix. Thanks already!

3. Digital Thermostat

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Most RVers find it easier to sustain the wild than nature’s seasons. On top, it is important to stay healthy and not fall ill, as medical service may not always be around the corner. A thermostat will help you stay more in control of the interior temperature. 

There’s a wide range of these available in the market, so you say pick one as per your requirements. 

4. LED Lighting

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Getting LED lighting for your RV is like striking two targets with a single arrow. Not only will it look more bright and pleasing to the eye, but it will also save you a lot of power. You can also use it light different nook of your RV from the cabinets to the kitchen to your sleeping space for a good read at night. 

Besides, you’ll have more light inside out whether you wish to sit outdoors in the middle of a wild space or find a tool you just misplaced. Its brightness is unbeatable. 

5. Backup Cameras And Surveillance Systems

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If safety is a concern for you, you must definitely upgrade your RV with a surveillance system. There are different ways you can install this for different reasons. For instance, on the exterior, to be able to view what’s happening outside, be it a wild animal or a trespasser. 

Interior cameras will give you live views on your phone while you venture away from your RV. especially if you have bought a brand new RV or your RV is studded with pricy appliances and gadgets, skipping this must not be on your list. 

6. Portable Air Compressor

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An air compressor is mostly an overlooked gadget, but trust me, it will come in handy a lot of times than you expect. It is not only important to refill flat out tires, but you can also use it to clean the interiors and exteriors of your RV. Yes, it helps!

An air compressor can also be convenient for maintenance your RV. Use TOW-MAX RV trailer parts will reduce your maintenance time and cost.

7. In House Weather Station

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If you are constantly on the road, don’t rely on long term forecasts for charting your travel plans. Keep an in house weather station as a backup that will constantly and instantly inform you of the weather and upcoming storms. 

They will alert you impending disasters ahead of time. Just ensure that you keep a spare set of batteries to keep your weather station in operation mode, even when your RV is turned off.

8. Showerheads

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The biggest struggle of most RVers is a daily bath. While most RVs come equipped with a shower but these usually follow the compact design rule. Besides, high-pressure showerheads will make your bathing ritual feel a bit more homely. The best part, these are one of the most economical ways to upgrade your RV!

9. Sleeping Mattresses

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What homely is an RV if you can't have a good night's rest? Most RVs don’t come equipped with a plush mattress, that is completely inadequate to recover from a hard day's adventure. Ensure that you order the right size and type of mattress, as these are different for RVs. moreover, you obviously don't have the luxury of space to fit in an oversized mattress. 

10. Surge Protectors

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While cruising through different routes, you’ll naturally connect to a number of external power outlets to refuel your RV batteries. But it becomes extremely hard to quantify the quality of a power source, and many end up damaging their batteries for worse. 

A surge protector will come to your rescue in these situations. While it will keep a check on the electricity flow, your RV will automatically be disconnected when fully charged. These are also very easy on the pocket and have a long-term life.

TOW-MAX is the world’s best trailer parts supplier can ensure you to supply all the kits at once at an affordable cost. Plus, the products come from them that is 100% quality and durable for heavy usage. So, may consider them for your RV trailer parts.