Women’s Fashion Trends in 2021

Women’s Fashion Trends in 2021

Women's Fashion Trends in 2021

Fashion trends seem to fluctuate constantly, and keeping up with the latest styles is always fun to explore.

If you're interested in the newest women's fashion trends that took 2021 by storm, there are lots of great things happening in the world of couture.

Check out these trends that were popular throughout 2021, and find out whether or not they'll continue in 2022.

Bright, Bold Colors

After a tough year, one of the highlights of women's fashion was the use of bolder, brighter colors. Think lively ombre or color-blocked sweaters, dresses, and blouses.

Neutrals seemed to be the hot choice in 2020, but much brighter tones took over in 2021. Thankfully, it appears that this cheerful trend will likely be continuing well into 2022. 

Women's Fashion: Fall and Winter

When it comes to women's fall fashion, puffer coats took center stage. These large, oversized coats feature a thick insulative layer filled with material like feather down or down alternative to keep you nice and warm.

The puffer was a hot item back in the 1990s, and it's clearly taken 2021 over by storm. Look for lightweight puffers that are "packable" so you can fold your coat up, toss it in your bag, and go. Other trends in women's fashion jackets include the shacket, which is a thick shirt that doubles as a warm jacket.

The Cropped Look

From T-shirts and crewneck sweatshirts to sweaters, everything has a shorter length in 2021. You'll find cropped pieces in everything from casual graphic tees to thick wool sweaters that are cut just above the waistline.

While the cropped look isn't for everyone, it's certainly a popular trend this year. If you enjoy cropped clothing, pair it with a nice high-waisted legging or pair of denim for a hot, trendy look.

Bold, Beautiful Jewelry

Chunky jewelry is the rage for 2021 and includes everything from cocktail rings to necklaces and bracelets. When shopping for a bracelet, look for something that features beautiful, colorful stones or braided details.

Bold and dramatic jewelry is an easy way to dress up any outfit, and it can be paired with a variety of looks for versatility. Choose a matching jewelry set that includes a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace for a cohesive look.

Shoes and Boots

In 2021, women's fashion boots went the way of the combat boot. These military-inspired boots are totally trendy and look awesome with everything from jeans to skirts and more.

As for women's fashion sneakers, color is the word of the day. Multi-colored sneakers and athletic footwear have completely taken over the shoe market this year.

Stay on Trend

Will these women's fashion trends stay in 2022 or will something new take over? Right now, it remains to be seen but colorful clothing will likely continue to be a hot trend for the upcoming year.

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