Why Cashmere Is The Key To Cosy

Why Cashmere Is The Key To Cosy

Some textures and materials feel incredible, like cashmere. We feel most luxurious and cozy with cashmere. Will most of us think about things like cashmere socks and scarves? Brands like Everyday Cashmere have options we can easily incorporate into our wardrobes.

What is cashmere?

Some goats offer a specific soft, incredibly fine fiber that we know as cashmere. Cashmere and wool are very similar in the fact that they are both natural fibers; however, cashmere is known to be softer, more durable, and is much finer. 

This is why when some people have an issue with woolly jumpers being itchy, usually they can wear cashmere with ease.

What is exciting is that all goats aside from the Angora goats will be able to grow cashmere. However, there are some breeds that ultimately produce greater amounts. 

Photo by Haley Truong on Unsplash

Why should you choose cashmere in your wardrobe?

Often you will find cashmere becomes very popular around the wintertime, especially with women's cashmere sweaters; however, it can be used to add a little luxury and softness to all of your outfits for the entire year. It's not just about the warmth of cashmere itself; it's all of its good qualities.


cashmere itself is actually it from very long, incredibly soft natural fibers, and when they are weaved together, they create awfully soft items. This is often why we see them in scarves, jumpers, and socks. 

One of the most interesting things about cashmere is it actually gets softer with age remains quite durable.


One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to cashmere is it is very difficult to look after. Although cashmere does have a number of care requirements for you to keep looking after correctly, it will last many years if you do. 

Cashmere is also very easy to store and if you like to have a scent on your clothes, simply place a little lavender or jasmine pouch between folds To help keep moths away and keep it smelling great.


Since cashmere is a natural fiber, it is one of the ones that will help keep you cozy and also dry. It has incredible breathability, which makes it so good for cozy wear. 

You should be able to wear it comfortably without overheating and still enjoy the warmth.

Sustainable and natural

Many of us are shying away from anything to do with fast fashion, so it is no surprise that cashmere is usually a little bit more expensive. Cashmere is natural and sustainable, so it is more friendly for your skin and the planet.

Since the fibers are obtained from goats, you'll find that they don't have harmful dyes and chemicals. Not only is cashmere great for us, but sheering the goat is healthy for them too!

Another great thing about cashmere is it since is natural; there is usually no risk of allergy.

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