What Makes We Are Iconic Different From Other Boutiques?

What Makes We Are Iconic Different From Other Boutiques?

What Makes We Are Iconic Different From Other Boutiques?

What makes a boutique so much more special than your average retail store is the fact that it only carries a small variety of goods. You'll find limited types of products that are specially curated by the owner. Boutiques are typically smaller and feel a lot more personal in comparison to a typical retail chain. Boutiques often specialize in creating a selection that's catered to a specific niche. And shopping at a boutique is a great way to support a small business.

We Are Iconic started out way back in 2006, when founder and owner Shie Clark decided to open an online boutique while living in Santa Barbara, California. Shie is a Tokyo native with a polished sense of style. Her goal is to feature fresh, edgy designers from Los Angeles, New York, and Europe. All of the pieces offered are meant for fashionable women who like to invest in high-quality clothing items that are effortlessly chic. What began as an online boutique later grew into a global business. And in December of 2013, Shie Clark opened a brick-and-mortar location in Honolulu.

You'll find one-of-a-kind pieces from independent designers.

At We Are Iconic, you'll find several talented designers who are passionate about their work. Expect to see pieces from Ganni, Rachel Comey, Raquel Allegra, and Xirena. The boutique offers clothing items that are comfortable yet cool. It's very much an edgy take on the modern woman's wardrobe. You'll find Ganni lace-up combat boots alongside a Nili Lotan kimono cardigan. There are staples such as the Simon Miller Meep top but also trendy items like the Bassike Motley Contrast Panel trackpant. You can expect to see both closet essentials and upscale items that are of the moment. Regardless of which you gravitate toward, you'll find that this curated collection is full of must-haves.

The items are made to last a lifetime.

Other boutiques will carry clothing from a variety of independent brands, but We Are Iconic only chooses the best of the best. Owner Shie aims to offer high-quality pieces that customers are excited to wear over and over again. So much of fashion nowadays is about keeping up with trends, but the pieces you'll find at We Are Iconic are meant to work for seasons to come. The owner herself doesn't support fast fashion or disposable clothing. If you value sustainability in fashion, then you'll find that the store is a great way to support fashion designers and brands that aren't contributing to the fast fashion industry.

You get to shop from a unique selection.

If you've shopped at retail stores before, you're familiar with the fact that everything there is mass-produced. So, you'll often find that the pieces aren't particularly unique and that they value quantity over quality. If you think wearing the same clothes as the next person is a major fashion faux pas, then consider shopping at an online boutique instead of a typical retail chain. Chances are your local mall only offers big retailers that sell the same clothes across the entire national market in order to keep up with the masses. If you want a wardrobe that's unique to you, then shopping at smaller stores is your best bet.

We Are Iconic is a boutique for the modern woman who values fashion that's effortless, edgy, and fresh. The pieces available are made to last, and they exude a unique style. If you're looking to implement more sustainable fashion choices, then it's a great way to support independent designers who value quality over quantity. When you buy from We Are Iconic, you are upgrading your wardrobe with high-quality, one-of-a-kind items that last a lifetime.