What Are the Different Types of Bracelets?

What Are the Different Types of Bracelets?

What Are the Different Types of Bracelets?

When putting your outfit together, you may find that it looks as though you're missing something. Jewelry can be the perfect final touch to help tie your look together!

Bracelets are one of the most popular accessories to wear, thanks to their ease, versatility, and simple beauty. You can easily show off your personality in a subtle way by wearing bracelets.

If you're not sure which types of bracelets you should add to your collection, be sure to keep reading. You'll learn all about the different styles of this popular jewelry piece.

Charm Bracelet

One of the best bracelets to showcase your personality is the charm bracelet. These customizable accessories allow you to change the charms to display your personality.

You can even make your own! There are plenty of resources to help you find out how to make charm bracelets to add to your collection or gift to loved ones.


If you're looking for one of the most classic kinds of bracelets, bangles are the way to go. Composed of many different, skinny bands worn together, bangles are a great way to add a sophisticated and elegant touch to your outfit.

Bangles are also one of the easiest in terms of styling bracelets, as you can layer them and go.


A bold choice, cuff bracelets come in various styles, sizes, and prices. These bracelets are made of shaped metal, making them easy to put on and take off.

If you want something bold, an intricate, laser-cut wide cuff can help elevate any outfit. However, for everyday wear, you can get a slimmer cuff. You can even have the inside engraved with an uplifting quote!


Another versatile option, beaded bracelets come in many styles to fit any outfit. Strung on thin elastic, these bracelets are pushed onto your wrist for easy wear in seconds. 

From pearls and other gemstones to rhinestones and metallic beads, there is a beaded bracelet out there for everyone. They're also super simple to style, as you can wear them with other accessories.

Friendship Bracelet

Throwing it back to your childhood, the classic friendship bracelet has gotten a makeover. These string creations are back in style and are now more intricate than basic knots.

Not only are these a casual, everyday option, but you can also make them! They're extremely simple to make, and materials are also inexpensive.

Which Types of Bracelets Will You Wear?

Wearing bracelets is an easy way to show off your personality and tie an outfit together. 

Remember, when deciding on a style it's essential that you wear what you like! Fashion trends will come and go, so as long as you're happy and confident with your style, that's all that matters.

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