Weed-friendly Wedding Ideas for the Cannabis- loving Couple

Weed-friendly Wedding Ideas for the Cannabis- loving Couple

Weed-friendly Wedding Ideas for the Cannabis-loving Couple

 Your Big Day is supposed to include everything that is important to you and your partner — your favorite colors and flowers, your favorite songs and desserts, your baby pictures, your vows. So, if you and your spouse-to-be like to kick back, relax and get stoned, why shouldn’t weed be a part of your wedding?

There are ways to integrate the sticky, green herb into your wedding without making your Big Day all about bud. Here are a few sophisticated ideas to make your nuptial festivities 420-friendly:

Bud Bar

A trend for the modern wedding is the non-alcohol bar — the candy bar, the ice cream bar, the taco bar, etc. These stations give guests something to fill wedding down time, like while they are waiting for the ceremony to begin or during your mid-wedding photoshoot, and they also allow you another opportunity to make your event more reflective of your personal interests. So, why not a cannabis bar?

Your ability to serve cannabis in large quantities at your wedding will depend somewhat on your state laws. Cannabis events are becoming popular, especially in places with strong and active cannabis communities. If you live in a state like Massachusetts, weed budtenders are a useful resource for understanding how you might offer your guests flower or other cannabis products at a wedding bar. You might want to hire a budtender to explain different strains, roll joints or provide other cannabis services for newbie users, so you can enjoy other aspects of your Big Day.


Stocking a weed bar can be expensive, and if most of your guests won’t partake, it could be a waste. A safer way to give your guests the option of getting high during your wedding is to create a signature cannabis cocktail. Infusing weed into alcohol isn’t common in stoner circles, but it tends to be more approachable for those who are unfamiliar with cannabis customs. You can find all manner of cannabis-infused drinks at your local dispensary, or you can infuse your own canna-booze and mix up one of the following cocktails for your Big Day:

  • Weed-arita
  • Buddy Mary
  • Mai High
  • Weed-tini
  • Highland Latte

Marijuana Florals

Most weddings include a bounty of fresh florals, which add natural beauty to the emotional splendor of the event. Incidentally, cannabis is a plant, and its leaves and flowers can be integrated into floral displays to subtly and tastefully appreciate cannabis on your Big Day. If you are so inclined, you might carry a bud bouquet as you walk down the aisle, or you can use marijuana leaves in your centerpieces. It might be difficult to find a florist willing to work with such unusual materials, but sourcing cannabis leaves shouldn’t be difficult considering their low cannabinoid levels.

Roach Toast

A Champagne toast is traditional; a tequila-shot toast is fun. However, if you want to bring weed deep into your wedding festivities, you might schedule a roach toast for late in the evening. After most of your non-weed-consuming friends and family have left, and as you are preparing to depart, you might toast the remaining guests with a few joints passed around the room. Then, you can finally relax your mind and body at the end of your wedding — and get ready for the wedding night.

420 Favors

Many newlywed couples like to thank their guests for celebrating with them by handing out small favors. If you have incorporated cannabis into other elements of your Big Day, you might consider giving your guests a bit of bud in gratitude for their time and care. This can be particularly meaningful if you grow and harvest your own weed at home; then, you might package and name your strain in honor of your nuptials. Alternatively, you could buy or make weed edibles, like baked goods, gummies or cooking oils, if you are experienced with culinary cannabis.

Regardless of whether you formally work cannabis into your wedding theme or you merely want to get high at some point during your celebrations, you should be careful to respect those around you with your consumption. You might set up a stoner circle away from the rest of the festivities, to prevent weed smoke from choking guests who would prefer not to partake, and you should clearly mark which foods and drinks contain THC. When you are respectful of everyone’s choices to consume or not, you will ensure that everyone has an incredible time at your weedy wedding.