Upgrade Your Wardrobe: Why Opt for Made-to-Measure Clothes

Upgrade Your Wardrobe: Why Opt for Made-to-Measure  Clothes

Upgrade Your Wardrobe: Why Opt for Made-to-Measure Clothes

When looking to upgrade your wardrobe, buying high-quality fashion staples is a must to ensure you feel and look your best at all times. Among these outstanding fashion pieces are bespoke clothes.

People often think that bespoke garments or made-to-measure dresses are expensive. But they are not as unaffordable as you might think. In fact, they offer the best investment returns since they are more durable and are of a higher quality than most ready-made clothing.

To appreciate the value of custom clothing, read further to know why these should be part of your closet and which wardrobe staples you need to have.

Why choose made-to-measure womenswear

The following are excellent reasons to include made-to-measure clothes in your wardrobe.

You get the best fit.

Just like your body is unique, so too must your clothes be. The minor refinements in tailor-made clothes can make a huge difference to their fit and your confidence

Having a dress that perfectly fits you from top to bottom, a skirt that does not twist around your waist when you move, and a trench coat that does not pull across your chest can make you feel fabulous.

Feeling and looking great is about wearing clothes that can do wonders in flattering your figure, hiding imperfections, and highlighting your best features.

You get personalised pieces.

The best thing about bespoke womenswear is that it can be as stylish and feminine as you want it to be — or something totally different.

Tailored clothing means you can play with your personal style. For instance, you can add colour pops into the lining or add metallic finishes. You can even include beaded embellishments, leather lapels, and bold buttons into your pieces. Just be specific with what you want with your tailors. They can also give you some suggestions to improve the design you want.

You get quality clothes.

If you are buying clothes, you want something that doesn’t just look and feel great but is built to last, too. With made-to-measure fashion, quality is a priority because brands that offer this service aim to create tailored pieces that are made from quality fabrics that stand the test of time. Made-to-measure clothes ensure you look and feel confident, whatever the occasion.

And by investing in tailored pieces, you have clothes you can wear over and over again, so the cost per wear could be actually lower.

You save time.

Clothes shopping can be stressful if you do not find anything that you like or fits you perfectly. You may even end up settling for a piece, only to go back to the store in the next couple of days to return it. 

But if you choose made-to-measure clothes, you’re assured of a luxurious and straightforward experience. With this option, you know the clothes will be made from high-quality fabrics, and the entire process can also be a real treat. You may only need to go for two fittings, and every session is unrushed and includes personalised service.

You know you are purchasing something that suits your body shape and fits you perfectly. You won’t ever feel frustrated about not finding your size or compromising on colour.

Once you have your tailored pieces in your wardrobe, you will save time choosing what to wear. More importantly, these pieces will make you look great and feel fabulous whenever you wear them.

Must-have wardrobe basics for women

You can’t go wrong with the made-to-measure basics because they will last forever; so ensure your wardrobe includes timeless fashion pieces.

Wardrobe staples do great regardless of the season. You can always use them even if you want to change up your style. Though it can be fun to try what is trendy at the moment, opting for bespoke, classic, and reliable clothes is a smart investment decision.

Here’s a list of the wardrobe basics you must have in your closet today:

1. Blazer

A well-structured and perfectly fitting blazer will work like a charm on whatever outfit you choose. From attending important meetings and professional development workshops to casual getaways, a blazer is a piece that’ll make you look chic and professional regardless of what you are wearing underneath.

Layering is an excellent way of making your clothes appear expensive and shielding yourself from the cold air. Having your blazer tailor-made ensures that you get one that has enough room under your arm and shoulders so you can layer it over other pieces. 

You may even choose to make the sleeves a bit loose so you can roll them up to your elbows with ease when you want to.

2. Trench coat

A trench coat is a piece of clothing that looks great on anyone who wears it, especially when it is made to measure. Adding one or two trench coats to your wardrobe will make you feel like a fashionable career woman on every office day or commute.

You can wear a trench coat over casual clothes or even on evening attire. Best of all, you can use it for many years to come.

3. Dress

A dress is a versatile piece you can wear to work, a night out with the girls or even to a romantic dinner date.

It’s a truly effortless piece of clothing you can just put on when you are ready to go out. You don’t even have to stress over finding a belt, or tucking, or swapping a shirt because it does not match your pants.

There are different types of dresses you can own. These include:

  • Midi dresses
  • Wrap dresses
  • Maxi dresses
  • Shirtdresses
  • A-line dresses
  • Sweater dresses
  • Shift dresses

The options are endless – you can pick a long dress, medium-length dress or a short one depending on your preferences.

4. Pants

Pencil straight or high-waist, a pair of tailored pants is another wardrobe staple you’d be wise to invest in.

Tailored pants look great when worn to the office paired with a blouse or shirt and your customised blazer. You can simply change into a dressier or fancier top to take your pants from office to after-work socials.

Make sure to consider the silhouette, comfort, and quality so you can get pants that you can wear all day and which flatter your body shape.

Always look great in made-to-measure clothes 

Say goodbye to ill-fitting clothes. 

Going for made-to-measure clothes is a smart choice when upgrading your wardrobe. You can get a perfect fit every time and long-lasting quality clothes in your preferred colour and style.

Start upgrading your closet with these must-have wardrobe basics!