Top Vintage Fashion Outfit Ideas To Keep Warm

Top Vintage Fashion Outfit Ideas To Keep Warm

Top Vintage Fashion Outfit Ideas To Keep Warm

The colder months will often mean that our fashion choices are limited. We may be tempted to store away our cute vintage outfits and opt for more modern, practical clothing items. However, just because it is cold out there doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself in your unique way! 

Whether you are buying clothes from a vintage online store or going into town for a shopping spree, there are a few ways that you can channel the past and still keep warm. In fact, a whole load of vintage outfits is perfect for the winter months. Here are our top vintage fashion outfit ideas to keep warm this year!
Sheepskin Coats

Finding fame in the 1980s, the sheepskin coat is an authentic vintage piece. Once worn regularly by market traders and anyone else who needs to keep warm at their place of work, the sheepskin coat has now found a place in vintage stores and on the shoulders of fashion-forward individuals.

Buying a high-quality sheepskin coat is an investment. However, these coats are built to last and will make a return every winter. They keep you super warm and cozy and look pretty cool too! 

Tweed Two-Piece Suit

The two-piece tweed suit is quintessentially vintage. Originating from rural Scotland, tweed found fame in the early 20th century with Coco Chanel designing women’s suits made out of tough and long-lasting material. 

The two-piece tweed suit is still trendy today, with vintage lovers from around the globe regularly sporting the look. This means that genuine vintage two-piece suits are pretty easy to find. However, don’t be shocked if you have to splash the cash a little to find the perfect one for you. 

80s Long Sleeved Dresses

The cold doesn’t mean that you can’t wear dresses! In fact, there are so many comfortable and stylish dresses available that are great at keeping you warm. The 1980s were a fantastic time for fashion, and there are still loads of original pieces on sale in vintage stores today. 

Flamboyancy defined the 1980s, with ankle-length, long-sleeved dresses in wonderful patterns being produced. These dresses can be found in paisley, floral, and abstract print in various colors and shades. There is something for everyone when it comes to 80s vintage dresses, and we love the variety out there! 

Overcoats With Fur Collars

The 1940s and 1950s made fur famous, with many overcoats lined with skin or fur collars. These retro pieces are effortlessly stylish but great at keeping you warm. They channel the vintage look perfectly, with various colors and cuts available. 

Of course, not everyone is okay with wearing fur and prefers faux. However, most vintage clothing is made out of natural skin.


Accessories are often an afterthought for many people. However, there are plenty of high-quality vintage accessories that you can pick up pretty cheaply!

Gloves are a fabulous accessory when cold, and you can find gloves in most vintage stores. To embrace the 40s and 50s style, match your gloves with your coat and hat. There is something pretty extra about the crochet glove, too, which is an extensive vintage look!

Poodle Skirts 

Poodle skirts defined the fashion of the 1950s. These long, wide swing felt skirts are fabulously retro, an iconic staple in many vintage lovers’ wardrobes. 

These skirts are easy enough to pair with a sweater in the colder months, keeping the vintage look but not sacrificing any warmth.


The glamor of the 70s and 80s didn’t stop when it got colder. In fact, fashionistas of these decades wore some fantastic, cozy outfits! The jumpsuit is a classic, from the denim dungarees made famous by Dexy to 70s glitter velvet playsuits. 

The jumpsuit is great for a casual day out, but you can also find vintage jumpsuits that are perfect for parties and events. When buying a vintage jumpsuit, take a look at the materials the garment is made out of. This will give you some indication of how well it keeps you warm! Velvet is a great choice when staying warm in the colder months.

Embrace Vintage Clothing, Even When it is Cold! 

There is so much on offer when it comes to shopping vintage, and you can find the perfect outfit despite what the temperature is outside! Vintage clothing is often made from long-lasting and durable materials, making them ideal for your winter wardrobe. 

Find your dream vintage outfit, and embrace the retro look!