Tips For Styling Hair At Home

Tips For Styling Hair At Home

Tips For Styling Hair At Home

Before You Do Anything! 

Men, women, long hair, short hair, old, young… It doesn’t matter, we all want luscious hair we can be proud of. We have all envied after someone else's luscious locks at some point and wondered how they keep their hair so nice, and in such a good state. 

The truth is that styling hair is more than JUST styling. Being able to style your hair and get the hair you dream of without taking a trip to the salon is about more than what you do at the moment. 

Styling is about knowing your hair, having the right things on hand, and giving your hair EXACTLY the care that it needs, all the time, not just when you are styling it! 

So, before you do absolutely anything, if you were expecting this to be full of top tricks and hacks on how to style your hair fast, you would be wrong. Today, we are going to tell you how to style your hair like a pro, and get that lasting effect, so that your hair always looks like you should be on the cover of Vogue. 

Having sleek, clean, perfectly style-able hair is a lifestyle, and it's a choice. Are you ready? Are you dedicated to your hair? Can you commit? If you are answering yes, let’s get going, because we have everything you need to know. 

Make Sure You Have All The Stuff You Need!

The first step in any hairstyling venture is to make sure you have all the right stuff. If you are looking to curl your hair, some cheap plastic curling tongs simply will not curl it like you want it. Let’s get rid of those. 

You need the right equipment. Does your hair tangle easily? Get a detangling brush. If your hair gets dry and coarse, you require some moisturizer for your locks. 

You need to make sure you have the right equipment for your hair to style it well, always. You can always go and talk to a hair stylist about this, or if you are a little more daring, you can try out different products yourself, but this will take research, time, and money. 

No matter if you are looking to give yourself straight hair, curly hair, dye it, give it a whole new look with some cutting and layering, or anything else. Whatever you do, having the right equipment makes a difference. 

Just imagine cutting hair with the scissors in your kitchen drawer! NO! You need proper hairstyling scissors. While it might be cheaper to just use what you have at home, it does not always work to your advantage, it is better to get the right things right away. 

Know Your Hair. 

Being able to get the right things you need for your hair comes hand in hand with you knowing your hair well enough to do so. 

Think means diagnosing, knowing, and understanding your hair type. Know the products it reacts well to, as well as the ones it doesn’t. Be sure to know how it reacts to heat, whether it is naturally, straight, wavy, or curly. 

Different hair types will be tolerant to different things and need different care. If you struggle to understand your hair, you might want to seek out a hair stylist to take a look and tell you about it for you. 

Thin Hair Can Be Styled Too. 

For those of you with thin hair, you are probably sighing in exasperation at this, you feel so stuck, because thin hair is so hard to style. Thin hair can be problematic, especially if it's thinning with age. 

Cutting, and layering your thin hair might be the last thing on your mind right now. You won’t want to sacrifice a single centimeter of hair. Yet, if you have thin hair, cutting it is not such a bad idea. You can trim just a couple of inches off it and it will make it look fuller. 

Getting Long-Lasting Curls Is Easier Than You May Think. 

If you are curling your hair when you blow dry, let the hair cool down before you remove the brush, speeding along makes curls fall out! This is just one of the many mistakes we often make that gives us shoddy curls. 

Using the BaeCharly Magic Curler makes it incredibly simple to get gorgeous, long-lasting curls. Curling is time taking time, but with the help of bae-Charly curler, the process will go more quickly and safely. Naturally, it's difficult to let curls go once you have them. One method to maintain the curls you've worked so hard to get is to sleep with a satin cap on.

You can even refresh curls too, just use a hair dryer on the cool setting and blast your dry hair from side to side, swing it with your fingers as you do, and BAM revitalized curls!

Of course, let’s not forget the main thing here… If your hair is healthy, it will hold any style longer. So the main thing is to maintain healthy hair! 

Let’s take a look at that concept…

Keeping Hair Healthy Is the True Trick.

Okay, so we may all think we do the best by our hair. However, so many of us cake our hair with products it can damage it. Blasting our hair with hair dryers, using straighteners and curlers, high-chemical content shampoos and conditioners, showering or bathing in water as hot as liquid lava. 

While we do not often realize it these things can be just as bad as they make us feel good. If you wash your hair too regularly, this can actually disrupt your hair. Many people shower every day and find their hair gets greasy fast, but showering every day is actually the reason for this. 

If you always use a hair dryer, you should look to invest in some heat protection spray to help prevent heat damage from affecting your hair. Natural products and high quality brands will do better for your hair. Remember your hair is its own ecosystem, messing with its chemicals and natural oils will make it less healthy, and your styles won’t hold as well. 

Know What Hair Type You Have.

We spoke about knowing your hair. This is important. We know so many people who have thin hair that is easily greasy, these two things can be connected. In fact, people with thin hair tend to have more hair on their head. But with it comes more oil glands, which makes it greasy. 

The trick to figuring out what hair type you have can be doing quizzes, spending time with hair stylists, and trying out ways to fight any hair problems you might have. Is your hair greasy, is it too dry? Do you have an itchy scalp, or even all of the above? 

When your hair issues are complex, you can feel stuck, but trust us when we say there is a treatment for every issue. You just need to be dedicated enough. 

Styling Doesn’t Need To Be Complex.

Whether you are dying your hair, curling, straightening, trying to do that new style from the internet, or if you are on a hunt for the most attractive high fade, styling doesn’t need to be complicated. 

The most important thing is understanding your hair, and treating it with love and care to get the best out of it. 

The bottom line is, no matter what style you want, if you care for your hair, it will care for you, right back.