The Products an Office Can Benefit From

The Products an Office Can Benefit From

The Products an Office Can Benefit From

Whether we travel to our office or work from home, there will be products that we can benefit from that will make tasks easier and allow a business to continue to the same levels of efficiency.

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This article will discuss how to ensure that your office is working efficiently at all times.

Custom Printing

It is good to be able to have stationery that is specifically linked to your company. It is an effective branding method and keeps that message in the minds of your customers. This is whether it is headed stationery that is used to print on or customized stickers that are applied. We will want this customization to include the color scheme that people expect to see with our brand and for it to look professional.


There are many different types of envelopes available for the office, and they are still used despite technology and more emails and social medial messages than ever being sent. Physical mail drops, for instance, are another way of advertizing services or products to the masses. Some say that there are about 19 different types of envelopes in all available for use.

Some of the most common types of envelopes include:

  • A-Style – that typically have square flaps and will be used for promotional leaflets, brochures, and invitations.
  • Baronial – are deeper with large, pointed flaps and considered more traditional and formal than A-style envelopes. They are popular for announcements.
  • Commerical – will come in a variety of flap styles and be used for business correspondence.
  • Square – can be used for advertising or greetings cards.
  • Catalogue – will be used for mailing multiple documents and ideally suited for face-to-face sales presentations.
  • Booklet – are larger than announcement envelopes and so are often used for brochures.

It is a good idea to look up these envelopes online to study their different shapes and sizes, before deciding which are right for your business documents. Always order a smaller quantity at first to test their suitability.

Laptop stands and Mousemats with Wrist Supports

When we type a lot, which computer input tends to involve, it is important to think about supporting our wrists to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). This term is used to describe the pain that will be felt in muscles, tendons, and nerves because of repeated movements that occur. It can also be referred to as upper limb pain or work-related upper limb disorder. Either way, it can be painful and may last from a few weeks up to six months.

The solution to avoid RSI is to have support for your wrists during typing. A couple of solutions might be to buy a laptop stand so that you can angle the keyboard to a comfortable position for your wrists. It should prove to be more comfortable than typing on a flat keyboard. Also, you could look to invest in a mousemat that has wrist support included.

Gel mousepads are ergonomic and will reduce the chances of picking up a wrist injury from the office environment. Also, the use of mousemats, in general, will prevent dirt, dust, and oil from building up inside a mouse, and so ensure its greater longevity.

Electric Fans

In the hot weather, an office without air conditioning can benefit from having a desktop fan. To not overheat yourself, as the fans in the backs of computers prevent them from doing, will reduce tiredness and ensure greater productivity among workers. We can have better control over our body temperatures. Opening a window cannot always be the best idea when there is noise pollution. Also, if you suffer from hayfever, you are going to be letting in nearby grass smells and pollen, for example.

USB Accessories

There are now many devices or gadgets that can be worked from a USB socket on a computer. This saves needing to have more wall sockets and so saves money. In terms of the electricity that USB ports on computers use, although the current is less, the total energy used is about the same.

Devices in computing that make use of USB sockets will include computer keyboards, printers, mice, disc drives, network adapters, video cameras, media players, and mini fans. It is useful to connect all these things up without the need for electrical sockets. It is more accessible than making your way under the desk to attach and detach what is needed. If your computer lacks USB sockets, you can buy an adapter that will then accommodate several pieces of equipment all plugged in at once.

It is good to know that, as a business, you can purchase bespoke stationery and have all the equipment that you need, whether working from an office or home environment.