The 3 Best Ways To Avoid The Crowds In Croatia

The 3 Best Ways To Avoid The Crowds In Croatia

The 3 Best Ways To Avoid The Crowds In Croatia

Croatia is quickly becoming a popular travel bucket list destination for many people. It is not only because of the natural beauty and open people but also because movies and TV shows like Game of Thrones were filmed there. 

This means that it can get quite crowded and not as quaint and romantic as you hoped it would be. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t go to Croatia or that the crowds have ruined it, but you need some help to get away from the crowds to properly enjoy it. 

In this article, we will go over how you can get away from the crowds and enjoy Croatia the way it was meant to be.

1 - See it from the sea 

Croatia is a very small country but has many miles of coastline thanks to its abundance of small islands dotting the coast. There are a lot of ferries that take people to some of the bigger islands, but they can still get quite crowded. 

The best thing to do is to take a private boat around. You can rent with 12knots and see Croatia in a way that not many tourists will see. There are so many small beaches that are only accessible by the sea that you will literally have to yourself. 

Snorkeling from the yacht means that you can find the perfect location to do so without needing to rent gear at a crowded and touristy beach. And, you can find those little islands with a restaurant that the ferries don’t go to so you can enjoy an authentic seafood dinner and watch the sunset without any other tourists around. 

2 - Stay the night

Croatia is a popular cruise ship destination. This makes towns like Dubrovnik overwhelmingly crowded during the day when the ships dock up. Split is the same way so it can get insanely crowded. 

The trick is to not go during the day but to book a room and stay the night. In the evening, the tourists all souffle back to the cruise ship, and the piazzas and sites empty out. You can then enjoy the city without the crowds and enjoy it with the sunset and evening lights lit up. 

Restaurants are not nearly as crowded so dinners can be leisurely and peaceful. Spend the day at the beach, tasting olive oil at a local olive grove, or visit some hilltop village during the daytime and don’t bother with the city until the evening. 

3 - Go offseason

Although the winters can be quite frigid in Croatia, you will have just about every town to yourself if you go during the offseason. The prices are also much lower and you have a lot of options for lodging and restaurants since they are not booked with tourists. 

Going off-season gives you an idea of how the locals live as there are no tourists about. Places like the Plitvice lakes that are usually crowded will have nobody around.