Struggling With Your Body Image After Birth? Here’s How To Regain Your Confidence

Struggling With Your Body Image After Birth? Here’s How To Regain Your Confidence

Struggling With Your Body Image After Birth? Here's How To Regain Your Confidence

Did you just have a baby, and instead of feeling happy, you’re overwhelmed with all the changes your body went through? If your answer is yes, know that you’re not alone. Recent studies claim that millions of women around the world struggle with their body image after birth and cannot regain their confidence. Some women even take years trying to get used to their new bodies. With that being said, it’s totally normal to feel that way. However, it’s not normal to keep struggling with low self-esteem for years, especially since there are many things that you can do to regain confidence and boost your self-esteem. 

Change Your Mindset 

Before you go on and try any online weight loss methods, you first have to change your mindset. How you look at yourself and compare your shape to what it was before pregnancy is the main thing that affects your self-esteem. Know and understand that these changes are normal and all women go through the same. Of course, it differs from one person to another as one woman might gain a lot of weight while another is only left with stretch marks and saggy skin. It’s all normal and natural. Accept and embrace your new body before you change anything about it. Accepting your new self is the first step towards a healthy mental state, which will eventually enhance your self-esteem. 

Weight Loss 

The first few months after giving birth are the hardest. All of your efforts, time, and focus are dedicated to your newborn baby and you barely have any time for yourself. This makes working out and dieting hard as you probably don’t have the time or energy for it. Also, If you have saggy skin, you might need plastic surgery to remove them. When in Texas, you can ask your friends and neighbors for the best Houston plastic surgeon to remove that excess skin so you can regain your confidence once again. If you don’t want to undergo surgery after birth, you can try the non-surgical procedures that can work with you. 

The Little Things 

Not all changes have to be huge to affect your confidence. Some little changes can easily boost your confidence. If it’s too early for you to have plastic surgery, you can start with your hair, nails, and skin. You can change your hair color, do a new makeup look, go shopping, or have a trip to a new place. These things will make you feel better and help improve your mental state.

The excess saggy skin, stretch marks, and bodyweight you gained during pregnancy are absolutely normal. You have to accept and embrace your new body before changing anything about it. Let go of the social media or societal expectations of new moms because they’re not realistic. Try to stay away from anything that affects your confidence and start working on your mental health bit by bit. After a while, if you’re not able to lose the extra fat, research the non-surgical and surgical procedures that can help you regain your confidence.